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[Open] Letters home

2019.09.16 13:45 LotaraShaaren [Open] Letters home

For a spacer like Lotara the endless black was nothing more than a sky with no ground, all directions were theirs to traverse and every destination was at their blue fingertips. But after half a year looking at the void, the same corridors and the same four walls in their bedroom they swore they’d go space crazy soon. Thankfully before such a sickness could take over Lotara it was time to take a pause in their ever outwards journey to make distant contact with home.
Having dropped from their cruising speed of warp 5 around yet another common yellow star with planets that looked more like Luna than another else Lotara bought them into a stable orbit to let the engines cool down. Having switched to the impulse drives they moved the giant vessel so that it’s main deflector would be lined up with beta nine, the ninth and most recently deployed comm buoy, currently in distant orbit of a red dwarf about forty light years behind them. Having travelled so far from Federation space communications were so weak that even the arrays on the ship weren’t enough so modified probes were left in a zig zag trail.
So with their superior's permission it was now time to let the crew write their messages back home, to be shot through a powerful data burst towards B-9 and onwards to the core worlds. The messages couldn’t be too large due to bandwidth constraints but long enough for most messages. While priority was given to mission logs, general updates and status reports of notable findings every member of the crew from Captain to cadet were given a spot.
“Leftenant Sh’Aaren to the crew of the Athene, just to let you know we are now aimed towards B-9. Feel free to write load your messages, we will begin delivery in one hour after the standard reports and logs have been sent. Bridge out!”
Lotara sat back and folded their arms, letting out a short sigh. They wondered what they'd write in her letter; an update to the family, a reply to Cate's last message perhaps. They'd have to keep wondering until the day shift ends in half an hour
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2018.08.07 01:26 skeven List of Employees Matching Criteria Using INDEX+SMALL Array

I've tried but can't seem to get this to work. I need to take employee information gathered in a table on a separate sheet and generate a quick list based off of the month selected. I have to scrub the year of birth from the data, which is why you'll see two different entries for birthday.
I've set the data up in the table in the following format, using sample data. Actual data is 100+ entries:
0 A B C D E F
1 First_Name Last_Name Data_Birthday WO_Year Data_Month IsMatch
2 Meggi Domenicone 10/2/1984 10/2 October
3 Rey Rainbird 6/17/1980 6/17 June x
4 Hannah Farlamb 1/2/1986 1/2 January
5 Hildegarde Bredee 9/27/1991 9/27 September
6 Lowe Gonsalvo 6/26/1971 6/26 June x
7 Merle Filippov 11/18/1973 11/18 November
8 Camile Lambrick 3/26/1975 3/26 March
9 Gennie Ritter 6/1/1974 6/1 June x
10 Hettie Gait 8/18/1985 8/18 August
11 Aaren Writer 11/14/1993 11/14 November
The headers are the named ranges, including the calculated cells for WO_Year, Data_Month, and IsMatch.
The formula I attempted to use as an array was:
Modified for each field (First_Name,Last_Name,WO_Year) in an array on a separate sheet to provide a summary.
0 A B C
1 Month Selection: June
3 First Name Last Name WO_Year
4 Rey Rainbird 6/17
5 Lowe Gonsalvo 6/26
6 Gennie Ritter 6/1
I should note that the "Month Selection" utilizes a data validation drop-down.
I set the array formula using Ctrl+Shift+Enter, so what did I do wrong?
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2017.06.03 23:00 Kalinine EDGE #307: Detail, Pace, MP maps and a bit of Zombies

I only saw parts of the coverage of WWII by EDGE so I decided to put everything we learned from it.

Attention to detail

As we know Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey (and other devs) visited many locations around Europe.
We went out there not just because we wanted to go and scan everything but because we wanted to get a sense of, 'What does it feel like to be in Normandy or Aachen at ten below with snow coming down?' - Schofield
There’s this theory of how the brain works. You’re wired to pattern match; you’re wired to build a model around things that you’re familiar with. The best example is if you were to paint a lake. You’re going to paint it blue, right? That’s generally wrong – most lakes aren’t blue. If you look through a pinhole at the water in a lake you’ll realise it’s maybe blue-green, or grey, or green-grey. - Condrey
They found during their visit in the Hürtgen (frozen) forest that the ground wasn't white but studded with pine needles.
It may seem like a tiny thing, but it’s an example of that pinhole-like view of what it looked like when, in 1944, terribly unprepared, in canvas winter clothes, these soldiers were holding the line. These foxholes are ten feet from the road. They were defending against a ten-mile convoy of German tanks. You’ll never get that from reading a book. - Condrey
They also visited a concentration camp.
Glen Schofield also mentionned they learned that tank commanders would modify their tanks by fortifying the side or the front to suit their preferred tactics. The devs also looked at technical data to find unknown weak points in tank treads.

Multiplayer details


It’s the fast-action experience you’re used to, and gritty and visceral but certainly, the boosts and thrusts and abilities that we introduced in Advanced Warfare and you’ve seen in other games that are around… future technology and exoskeletons are just not appropriate for this game. You can imagine trying to find a balance where it feels strategic and appropriate to the time period, while still maintaining the fun of multiplayer. It’s more grounded, and more strategic, and I think you’ll find it’s not as fast. - Condrey


The feeling of being able to identify your lanes and threats is so different when you’re grounded. We spent a lot of time on map design, and there’s a lot of fundamental rules about sightlines and engagements. But it’s transformational when you [no longer] have to worry about an unseen threat from the sky. - Condrey
EDGE also mentionned there are maps on different fronts but Condrey or Schofield couldn't say too much before E3.
Such environmental storytelling will also feature in the multiplayer component, which in addition to revisiting battlefields featured in the singleplayer campaign will also expand to different fronts. A stop on Condrey and Schofield’s research trip informed one such multiplayer map, but with the mode’s finer details being held back for E3 – and a beadyeyed Activision rep sat in the interview room – specifics elude us.


Schofield said their trip in Europe informed every part of the game, even Zombies.
There’s some really authentic stuff in there. There’s back story that’s based on real events.
Condrey added the mode will be "unique to our Dead Space signature"

Concept arts and screen

2 concept arts, Theater Aaren and Marigny
And a new screen I think.
That's it, I think I find everything new or interesting.
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2013.04.09 20:12 EvilSansCarne [REQUEST] Evil artificer's personal logs (long)

First off, if you're in a D&D 5E playtest game set in Eberron, stop reading!
To anyone willing to tackle this huge task, thank you!
Character: Verus d'Cannith
Gender: Any
Age: Adult
Situation: The party has discovered the personal recorded logs of an evil artificer in charge of a facility that experimented on elementals and warforged (sentient constructs Verus considers to be nothing more than war machines).
This is a series of 4 entries, all made by the same person. The first details the usual day-to-day operations of the facility. Verus describes the horrors of the experiments in a detached, scientific manner -- think Josef Mengele. Verus is a member of House Cannith and disdains everyone and everything that does not further the experiments.
The second entry describes the immediate aftermath of a terrible disaster at the main facility in the country of Cyre. The feedback caused an explosion at Verus' facility, releasing many elementals and trapping Verus and other artificers in the compound.
The third entry is two weeks later. No rescuers have come and the artificers are running short of food. Verus is more offended than afraid.
The fourth entry is two weeks after that. Verus describes the desperate acts of the other artificers with disdain. Verus is alone, bitter and defeated. Still, there is triumph in the end, as Verus posthumously activates the facility's self destruct protocol.
I've included pronunciations in brackets only where they are necessary to maintain verisimilitude.
Entry 1 (Haughty and detached)
"Personal log of Verus d'Cannith, 13 Olarune [oh-luh-ROON], Year of Galifar 994.
The warforged experiments continue on schedule. They really are remarkable creatures. As expected, they suffer no ill effects from the Cloudkill but react normally to Fireball, as well as to cutting and bludgeoning implements. They cannot be drowned, yet after only a few weeks in the sensory deprivation tank, they emerge babbling and incoherent and must be put down. We shall see what a month will do.
Their limbs can be removed without long-term ill effect, but it is difficult to tell how much tissue damage results in impairment. The screaming fails to be a useful metric, as that often begins even before the procedure.
I've continually advised Maven not to anthropomorphize the subjects, but the fool resigned his post yesterday. That makes three assistants I've lost this year. I need to find someone with more commitment to the task. Perhaps Parsons from the Eston annex."
Entry 2 (Annoyed)
"Personal log of Verus d'Cannith, 22 Olarune, Year of Galifar 994.
There has been an…incident. Two days ago the readings from our facilities in Cyre [SEER] showed a massive power spike. The energy spectra were like nothing I've ever seen. Remarkable.
Unfortunately, the feedback caused an explosion in this facility. The entirety of Level 1 and all its personnel were vaporized. It will be months before I can restaff, and reams of data will need to be scrapped.
At the same time, elementals are roaming freely on Level 3, trapping myself and several others here on Level 4. All inbound and outbound communications are down. We will need to wait for a rescue team, but we have emergency rations, and the scouring enchantments utilize potable water.
I've conferred with Parsons about the readings from Cyre. She says she had heard rumors of a great experiment in development while she was stationed there, one that could end the war. I don't know why I wasn't made of aware of such a project, yet the data does not lie. It seems something went wrong, likely a simple calculation error by Aaren [Aaron], the fool. Perhaps he is dead, and there is a position open.
From what I can piece together, this experiment was complex, but it was not advanced. With the right information, I'm sure I would be able to repeat it properly, but woe betide us all if some amateur got their hands on the original data.
Entry 3 (Irate, tired)
"Personal log of Verus d'Cannith, 8 Therendor [thair-EN-dor], Year of Galifar 994.
Two weeks in this hole and not a peep from the Cannith extraction teams! Surely I am missed?
The rations have run out and we are growing weak. We tried eating the warforged but their bodies are undigestible, not to mention unpalatable. The greatest artificer in Sharn laid low by a problem even the simplest village cleric could fix.
Martindale could not wait any longer, and the rest of us could not convince him to stay. He took the vial of elemental ice and the remaining warforged to the upper levels. I could have locked him out of the system, but I figured he might succeed, or we would learn something useful about the combat capabilities of the elementals. We watched on the monitors as they were all incinerated.
Edson has begun to despair. Only he, Parsons and I remain now.
Entry 4 (Weak, but determined)
"Personal log of Verus d'Cannith, 23 Therendor, Year of Galifar 994.
Edson snapped, and gassed himself in the Cloudkill chamber. The fool didn't even have the decency to die without poisoning his flesh. Parsons lasted two days before she tried eating him. She was dead within hours, but I was able to salvage her limbs before the toxins worked their way through her system.
Thus have I survived, forgotten, buried alive before my time. I am out of options and I am out of patience. It is apparent that House Cannith never fully appreciated my abilities, and I regret wasting my gifts on spoiled toymakers.
If you are listening to these logs, then Cannith has finally come for me, though it is likely far too late. I have a gift for you, my rescuers. I hope you enjoy your time down here as much as I did. Authorization Verus Far Nun Ekel Set Alep."
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