Franchise partner

Franchise partnerships are always a challenge, but creating a franchise ownership partnership has its own unique business ownership structure issues. Buying and owning a franchise is a big, life-changing decision. Some choose to take the path alone. Others partner with a friend, spouse, or family member. Still others go in with a silent investor. Each situation comes with its pros and cons, and deciding with whom to start a business with can be just as big a decision as the franchise you buy. As Managing Partner, I lead a small team who specialise in the delivery of interim consulting and business support services specifically tailored for the European Franchise industry. Through this I have been lucky enough to work with some of the leaders of Europe’s most renowned franchise companies, providing advice and hands on support in ... Become a franchise partner and get the tools to develop and promote your nationally-renowned athletic program. Request Details. Partnership Benefits. Support your coaches. Communication Tools. All coaches have access to teaching tools that help them communicate with today’s student-athlete. A franchise is a license that a party (franchisee) purchases that allows them access to use a business's (franchisor) proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks to sell products or provide ... As a Juice Plus+ Independent Franchise Partner, I have read the policy for protecting customer credit and debit card information and agree to comply with stated policy at all times. My Independent Juice Plus+ Franchise status may be canceled at any time by giving Juice Plus+ written notice. Independent Franchise Partners, LLP was established in 2009 to offer the Franchise investment approach to institutional investors through a dedicated, independent investment management partnership. Franchise agreements typically outline the licensing fees and royalties franchisees must pay the franchisor relating to operational revenues and/or profits. Partnership agreements outline which individuals are considered general or limited partners and what percentage of profits each partner will earn. Independent Franchise Partners, LLP is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The information displayed on this website is for eligible counterparties and professional clients only and is not for retail clients. The services described may not be available to you, or suitable for you. Ideally, a silent partner, content to invest in you and your franchise and 'leave the driving to you' would be the perfect find. While this does happen, don’t hold your breath.

Borderlands 3

2014.04.10 18:34 billlybob Borderlands 3

Go to /borderlands3 instead

2017.12.29 09:02 GreatWhiteSharkCIA VeChain Trader

### This is a subreddit dedicated to trading and price commentary VeChain is a global leading blockchain platform for products and information. In the past two years, VeChain has accumulated great amount of experience in providing blockchain solutions to various industries including liquor, auto, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, logistics, supply chain, food and cold storage etc.

2012.04.02 20:59 Josh Hutcherson

For everything and anything Josh Hutcherson, known primarily for his role as Peeta Mellark in *The Hunger Games* movie franchise, now directing films like *Ape*, as well as starring in the Hulu TV series *Future Man*.

2020.09.26 12:27 MechaBowzilla Honest Opinions on Sticker Star and Colour Splash

Go ahead, shout all you want, I like Sticker Star. But seriously, the new Paper Mario games are really good, but the fans don't give it a chance because it's not what they wanted.
Chapter 1: The Sticker 'Start'
Why did Sticker Star fail then? It would have been better if they changed Sticker Star into another Nintendo franchise then change the ways of the better original games before, that's my opinion. I like TTYD, don't get me wrong, but Sticker Star doesn't deserve this much hate. If you actually did battles like I did, you'll see that they are not useless like people thought. If you wasted a good sticker and didn't get to use it AND got a perfect bonus, then the perfect bonus would give you bucket-loads (200 coins) of coins, rather than 5 coins.
Chapter 2: Colour 'Trash'?
Although I didn't play Colour Splash, I always wanted to play it, but when the hate videos were swirling around on Youtube, they made it seem less fun. The problems were, no point for battles, no original characters or partners, and basically, that it's not a good game. There are many fans of Colour Splash that would argue there IS a point to battle, which is hammer scraps, and that fans just have to give it a chance. But what do you know, they didn't. Paper Mario went into a downward spiral of hate, and more and more people were PURPOSEFULLY not buying their newest games.
Chapter 3: The Thousand Year Door Fans
'Why did they change Paper Mario? It was perfectly fine and Super HAD to ruin it, didn't it?' The average TTYD fan. Their problems are that Paper Mario changed it's roots, and they can't accept it. Simply tell Nintendo, tell them this isn't what they wanted, go on their videos and comment, 'This isn't what I wanted, and neither does most of our fans.' Don't confuse Nintendo with mixing sarcasm and fact together, tell them now!
Chapter 4: A Masterpiece Right Under Your Nose
TTYD fans, stop raging and listen up. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is a COMPLETELY original 'Paper Mario' game. The XP system is back, original characters, partners, and a good story. Watch the trailer here:
Chapter 5: The Origami Tantrum
Because of people (not all of them) saying that Paper Mario: The Origami King is actually good and that you should get it because, you know, Paper Mario was 'apparently' doomed. Well what do I have to say? NO! It's just like Sticker Star, and you knew it was going to be like Sticker Star! Make up your mind, it's not leaving where it stands. And fans ignored Paper Mario for 8 years just to come back to it because it's on the switch.
Chapter 6: Why am I doing chapters again?
If you liked my totally unnecessary rant, upvote and leave a comment, it really helps! :D
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2020.09.26 09:22 backupaccount12411 Sony's PS5 "Gamer Feel" + Wipeout 4, Motorstorm, Knack 3, The Order?

From PS1 to PS4, Sony have been there for us as gamers. From the feel-good moments ("$299!") & the success taking on the Nintendo 64 & Sega Saturn Juggernauts, Sony started strong.
By the time the PS3 had really hit its stride, with fantastic first party studio acquisitions and partnerships like Naughty Dog, From Software, and Media Molecule, I've always felt that despite owning multiple consoles & PCs, Sony earnt my loyalty.
There have been some tough moments on PS4 (lacking wishlists, playtime, easy internal media storage, and no backwards compatibility through emulation of our PS1/PS2 collections, among others) but we've always been able to count on Sony to treat us like gamers and not insult the value of our time, bringing us first-party experiences like no other, and sharing it with PC & other console brethren when possible. So thank you Sony, for bringing up welling excitement with the PS5 like never before.
To the point of this post. There are a few franchises which are difficult to imagine life without, however it feels like too long already. Sony, can you bring us these, in some form or another? Or will they forever languish, lost to competing interests or past memories?
-Wipeout Series. On all Sony consoles, there has been that reliable ultra-fast anti-grav racing experience. The thrill of modern hard electronica thudding through our brains, whilst the blood heats in our veins, has been a fantastic thing to enjoy since the one I began with, Wipeout 2097 (XL for NTSC partiers). It furthered a lifelong love of sensory overload and thumping breaks/d&b. Will it come to PS5? Every month without an announcement is torturous, and surely others feel the same.
-Motorstorm Series. More metal & grunge than anything, and channelling Road Rash, Twisted Metal, and Carmageddon all at the same time, again with the aural overload that brings home the bass. As an Aussie, the locales often dug deep into that need to explore the unknown, and one misses it every day since a very first 720p game on the Fat PS3.
-Knack 3. As someone who likes to look nothing up about games before immersing myself in the world, and after finishing the first knack with a partner, and finally getting around to the second most recently, it was very surprising to learn that the first was moderately well-received, and the second just so slightly more. No other game series, as someone who grew up in the '90s, has been able to put such a feeling of wondrous youth and excitement as an adult.
Knack 1 & 2 were that feeling of waking up at 5 am, sneaking into the TV room with a blanket, and watching Saturday morning cartoons - but this time, as an adult, with a significant other! That feeling is priceless, in a world where many have lost their "wonder & magic" feelings to the prey of a quick, endlessly unsatisfying slot machine-type loop.
-The Order: 1886. This was a wonderfully cerebral take on the most detailed steampunk city that I've witnessed. The story was gripping, the combat was thrilling, and of course, there was no sequel or mention, after the mediocre reviews ripped it apart for being "boring, unambitious, not next-gen, a glorified walking simulator". I am sad to think that this franchise isn't given wings (or perhaps the figurative wings it has been given are the wrong ones?).
-PT. Please. Make it so. The masses have spoken.
So, In conclusion to this essay-length feature, for anyone that made it this far, is a request to SIE to keep valuing our intelligence, and especially those of us that don't have the money but spend it anyway, because we continue to trust in your expertise as gamers and successful innovators.
And to developers that work with Sony: keep producing wonderful works. Resist the temptation to fall prey to companies who have a history of buying and running talented studios into the ground. Push back when the execs tell you that it's not a winning proposition, despite the rich history and worlds you've built. Don't take the easy monetization route, or one that compromises your ability to reach us Single-player experience-based gamers, because in this day and age, when some of us desperately need another world to be transported away to, we don't want to worry whether that world will be there for us in the future. There's enough of that already in real life.
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2020.09.26 07:04 GivethNoFucketh To the vegan-lady screaming in my face at 3 am

I work drive-thru over nights at a fast food franchise. After 10.30 we don't do the veggie burgers. A guy drove with his partner who wanted a veggie burger. The closest I could offer was a chicken burger without the patty and a hash brown instead. She kept yelling about how 'I' can make the assumption that it was ok to sell such a thing and why 'I' can't make burgers for vegetarians. 1) I am just a student working drive-thru at minimum wage to keep up with my rent. That too through the nights to study in the day. 2) I don't make the policies or the burgers nor the menu 3) This is just a franchise. The menu is what it is. I think you can read and order what's available. 4) I understand your problem with there being no vegetarian burger but screaming at my face again coming to the second window does not ensure you'll get a veggie burger. 5) you can complain at the head office. My manager can't do shit. Even my manager is just an employee at this franchise. 6) being a vegan is your choice. You can't hold the world accountable for your choices and hope everyone will follow. 7) Stop preaching and being angry all the ducking time. I was born in a vegetarian family and started eating meat later in life. People eat what they like, they eat what they want. There's no need to be judgemental and screaming about how people are choosing to let earth down and are killers. It's just about choices and survival. 8) To the guy with her, Best of luck to you man. I hope you find happiness in a healthy atmosphere. Mentally too ,not just diet based.
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2020.09.26 01:31 TheM4nTheMythTheLgnd [A4A] Looking to do a Plot-Heavy Neptunia RP

Hey guys, it’s me again. I was just looking to see if anyone was willing to work with me on a Neptunia RP with a focus on an involved story. In the vain of the games after the first, and the Anime. However, one that seeks to explore and expand upon the lore of the characters, vis-a-vis the Game Industry. So, if possible, I’m hoping for someone who can play multiple characters in the franchise. The main focus will be on the Goddesses, but other characters like Compa, IF, and the Oracles will certainly not be sidelined.
In summary, right now, I’m looking for brainstorming partners to plan specifics with on Discord. If you are interested, or have any questions, feel free to reply, or DM me.
Have a good day, Nep-Neppers!
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2020.09.25 18:01 tntimdynamite Saved search - check if folder does not have file

I am working on a saved search on a partner record. During our onboarding process for a new partner, different documents have to be uploaded in different folders. I want a partner record to show in my search results if there is not a file in the Franchise Agreements folder. Once a file gets uploaded to the Franchise Agreements folder on the record, I want the partner to drop off of the search results.
However, if I use the criteria File:Folder is not Franchise Agreements, the partner record keeps showing even after the document has been uploaded because there are files uploaded in other folders on the same record. It's returning the record as a result for each folder with a file in it (ex: a partner record has five files in five folders so that record shows up five times in the search).
Is there a way around this?
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2020.09.24 21:34 Startropic1 A Brief History of Japanese Transformers & The Brave/Yuusha And Eldran Sagas

The Transformers was born as a partnership between american toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara. The animated series was released in both Japan and the west with a couple nuances between the second and third seasons. This is when the Transformers movie was released. While it would eventually be released in Japan, this would not happen in time for season 3--which was released in Japan as a separate series called Transformers 2010. To remedy this problem and introduce Japanese audiences to the new characters featured in season 3, a Japan exclusive OVA was created called Scramble City. This only exists in subtitled form. It was included in the movie's 20th anniversary DVD in the west, however the producers of the DVD were unable to secure the rights to the audio track for the OVA, so it only included a commentary track. Australia based media company Madman released the Transformers movie on bluray for the first time for the west exclusively in PAL regions ; this release included Scramble City complete with its original audio track and english subtitles.
At this point I need to clarify a recurring issue with licensing of Japanese Transformers animation. This material was produced by Japanese studio Toei, who have been notorious over the years for not being very cooperative with western anime distributors. This is why the american DVD did not include the japanese audio for Scramble City. A second problem is that Hasbro, (the American side of the partnership behind Transformers), prefers to not have anything to do with any of the Japan exclusive content. We'll discuss this further later in this overview.
At the conclusion of Transformers season 3, the popularity of the franchise in the west had been declining. This resulted in the short season 4, (a 3 episode miniseries), known as Rebirth. This would be the conclusion of the original Transformers series in the west, leaving the franchise dormant for a number of years. This was not the case over in Japan, where the state of Transformers was very different. Mecha was much more popular in Japan, Transformers included, and this popularity also lasted much longer. Japanese partner Takara had no interest in ending the Transformer series, so it would continue exclusively in Japan for four more series:
For a long time these titles were unavailable to the western world, due to Hasbro not wanting anything to do with them. Within the last 10 years these series have finally been released on DVD in the west. Headmasters and Victory were dubbed in english by an english speaking tv network based in asia. This resulted in an extremly poor quality dub that I highly encourage potential viewers to avoid. The region 1 DVDs by Shout Factory only include the three main series, and without the horrible english dub. Madman's region 4 PAL DVDs include everything--all series, including the Zone OVA and it's manga (accesses as DVD-ROM content via your computer), and the horrible english dubs that even Madman encourages you to NOT watch.
Now we come to the part that MAHQ has already touched on. By the end of the 1980s, Transformers declined in popularity even in Japan and came to a complete end for a while. However, mecha was still very much in demand. Thus, Takara sought to fill this void by striking a deal with iconic mecha anime studio Sunrise. This produced the Brave/Yuusha saga. Here are ALL the titles in this franchise:
There was another title planned called The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan, however this title ended up as a video game with the anime series never produced. GaoGaiGar did receive a direct OVA follow up. In 2000, one more series--a spiritual successor to Brave/Yuusha was released: [b]Gear Fighter Dendoh[/b] Of all these, only GaoGaiGar and its spinoff Betterman were released in the west. Betterman was fully english dubbed and aired on TechTV/G4. GaoGaiGar was only english dubbed for the first 25 episodes; Media Blasters, the company releasing the DVDs, eventually decided to release the remainder of the series with subtitles only.
There's also another franchise we have to talk about: The Eldran Saga. This was started by another Japanese toy company: Tomy. Takara and Tomy would eventually merge into one company. Eldran served the same purpose as the Brave/Yuusha saga, although for a slightly younger audience. Here are the titles:
The Eldran series all shared the character Eldran, the ancient warrior of light, who bestows transforming pilot-able robots to teams of children. None of these titles have ever been released in the west.
That mostly concludes this chapter in mecha anime history, but for the sake of completion I should note that by this time interest in Transformers worldwide had returned thanks to Beast Wars. Once again there were a few Japanese exclusive titles, which have yet to see any release in the west. Here are the titles:
These were essentially produced to fill in gaps in the Beast Wars release schedule, due to the differences in how content is broadcast in Japan vs the west. After this the partnership returned to how it worked originally with the same Transformers content being released in both Japan and the west. There are a few other Japan exclusive nuance bits to come out since, but much of that need not be discussed here.
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2020.09.24 13:05 SunnyJim57 The Good and the Bad of Daniel Jones

I am pasting here the game review article by the folks over at Big Blue Interactive --
as I think they raise several important issues that could impact future direction. I like these guy's write-ups because, while they are clearly pro-Giants, they are not pollyanna about every player or team direction until the bitter end.
You will see from the article that despite the variety of player weaknesses they identify, they are still hopeful the Giants have enough this year to scrabble to 8-8 or 9-7 and maybe a one-night stand in the playoffs.
To me though, the biggest observation made concerns Daniel Jones and the potential ceiling on his talent. This will undoubtedly come as no revelation to anyone, but I at least find it difficult to assess these things while watching real time - I'm just a fan, and an old one at that.
But what the article points out is that Jones continues to be a dangerously slow and somewhat indecisive decision-maker (for Eli lovers, the exact opposite of what made Eli a top quality QB at his best moments). The article accuses Jones of not seeing an open Tate on the final play before throwing the game-ending incompletion. It also puts the 1st Q fumble directly on his tardy shoulders.
I don't know if they are right about this or not, or whether DJ will get quicker and more decisive with experience, but what if the tendency identified is close to spot on, and by season's end we are sitting with the top pick in the draft (or the second pick if the Bengals maintain their crown); do you draft Lawrence? To be in that position we'd have to end up around 2 wins or less and so a lot of ugly football will have transpired; but assuming DJ doesn't get hurt, continues to play with the toughness he clearly possesses, makes the occasional nice pass to someone and tosses in a little effective scrambling here and there, what do you do? Hopefully Judge will get this team further up the W column and the question will be mooted. More hopefully, DJ's play will dispel this observation. But if we find ourselves back where we've recently lived so frequently, would you? Could you?
There are a bunch of other observations that highlight the limitations of this roster: Peppers' continued poor Safety play; Tomlinson's lack of lateral speed and its impact on the run defense; the limitations of whoever is Martinez's ILB partner; the absence of a decent OLB to compliment Carter; Ballentine; Gates at center; WR generally. No surprises; just sad reinforcement. But all of that pales compared to the observation on Jones -- if they are correct, the franchise is back to square 1 come '21.
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2020.09.24 11:09 Diljitpaaji IPL 2020: all you need to know about the Match

[IPL 2020](mailto: Everything you need to know about the new season
Here are the things you need to know about the 2020 IPL season :
After a long period since it was postponed, [the Indian Premier League](mailto: is now back, albeit with many changes and adjustments. This is good news not only for cricket fans in India, but also for all cricket fans and fans around the world. Most people will need to go through a period of adjustment and many things have changed, mainly due to the effects of the entire COVID-19 epidemic. However, not everything has changed about IPL and the Indian world of cricket.
One of the things that hasn't changed for [IPL](mailto: fans is that they can still bet on games as normal. However, if you are an online sports bettor, you will need to ensure that you are only placing your wager with real, legal and legitimate betting sites. Therefore, it will be worth going to the trusted review sites and reading reviews of the leading IPL betting sites in India so that you can find the betting site or app that suits you.
So, with one of the biggest cricket tournaments in the world now back on the field, what can fans expect? What changes will you see? What are the things that await them? Here are the things you need to know about Indian Premier League 2020 season.
One of the biggest changes to this year's IPL season is that the entire season will take place outside India. All games will be played in three different locations within the United Arab Emirates.
The matches will be held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. These are the specific stadiums where the matches will be played:
. Dubai International Cricket Stadium
. Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium (Abu Dhabi)
. Sharjah Cricket Stadium
Of all the matches, 20 will be played in Dubai, 20 will be played in Abu Dhabi and only 12 will be played in Sharjah.
IPL 2020, which is also the league's thirteenth season, opened on September 19. Other than the location, the other major change was that it did not open with a large opening ceremony and large number. The matches will be played in a robin format mixed between all participating teams, and the season will end on November 10, 2020, if the current schedule is followed.
The opening match was the defending champion Mumbai Indians match against last season's final, the Chennai Super Kings. I played this game in Abu Dhabi. The final game site has not been announced.
Participating teams
This IPL season will see a total of eight teams compete in Free For All. The first four teams to collect the highest scores after all matches will be the teams that advance to the playoff match and compete for the 2020 League and Cup Final.
The eighth franchises to be played this season are those of Mumbai Indians (MI), Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Kings Eleven Punjab (KXIP), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Rajasthan Royals (RR), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Delhi Capitals (DC). The pressure is expected to be high on the Indians in Mumbai as they were the champions last season.
Where do you see an IPL?
All games from the 2020 IPL season will be available to stream on participating broadcast partners, depending on which country you are currently in.
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2020.09.24 06:13 Defeated_Author [F4A] [Para/Lit] [Niche Fandoms]

Do I expect replies to this? Not really, but it will be nice to get my thoughts down, and hey, bonus points if I find anyone who's interested! I'm Writer, 19F, I've been writing fanfiction and roleplaying for three years, and I have eight books published online (free to view/read/etc)... So I've got a little bit of experience in the writing department!
I write in the third person, past-tense, and I write anywhere from one paragraph to multiple (it depends on how I'm feeling). I'd like if you could at least give me a paragraph per response (and per character if we're roleplaying as multiple characters a piece). I can roleplay here (in IMs), Discord, waterfall, Wattpad, Quotev, or Tumblr. Just contact me privately for how to get whichever one you wish!
I'm down to roleplay romance, slice of life, adventure, action, and/or alternate universe! I'm in college at present, and running... Multiple RPs already, alongside trying to write yet another book, so I can't assure that I will respond to you right away- but I will try to respond within a week, or tell you if (after the week is up) something came up.
I prefer to roleplay as my OCs, but I am willing to double up (roleplay a canon and an OC) so long as you are willing to extend the same to me.- This is a two-way bridge, mates.
I don't mind what your age is, so long as I have ample warning if you're a minor (in which case, I'll stay away from the more gore-based subjects). If you read the whole post (and are still interested), please start your message/comment with 'Ponies say hi!'. If you're above eighteen, I'll allow more gore-based topics to take place, but I doubt they'll be the center focus (I hope they aren't, really). I politely request that you do not use second person when roleplaying with me, solely because I can't separate myself from what 'your' character is doing.- It confuses me half to death... So to those of you who roleplay that way, I apologize. <_<'
Unlike my other posts, this is mostly going to consist of what I consider to be my 'niche' fandoms, for which it is hard to find RP partners for. Once more, keep in mind, I'm already running several RPs at present, I have a project I'm working on, and I'm in college- so please, do not spam me for replies.
Some of these fandoms may not have concrete characters created for them, so I may have to make them while we're plotting. Please bare with me on that front! First, I'll list some fandoms, and then, some potential (but not necessarily the ones we'll use) prompts/ideas.
If you want to do a ship/romance RP, please tell me ahead of time. I have a few ships in some of the fandoms listed, so we may end up using the multiverse theory to prevent any 'cheating' clichés (not a fan).
And of course, we don't have to use any of the prompts/ideas... We can always come up with more/others! For now, let me know if any of those tickled your fancy, and... We'll see how it goes. I hope to hear from ya eventually!
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2020.09.24 04:00 lowdown_scoundrel 29 [M4F] Chicago/Illinois/USA — I’m so ronery

So I’m lonely as fuck and it super sucks.
Last relationship of nearly four years ended three years ago next month and I’ve been almost entirely alone since. Since it was initially an LDR and I’d relocated to her hometown so we could be together, my life had been pretty much turned upside down after we failed, and starting over from scratch has proved far more difficult than originally anticipated.
I moved back home to Chicago with the expectation that I’d get myself together someplace familiar and get back to standing on my own two feet, before eventually spreading my flappers and adventuring elsewhere. Tried a couple different career paths and failed pretty miserably, then started working as a rideshare driver nearly a year ago, with the intent of saving up enough that I might eventually have the time and energy and flexibility to focus on squeezing a living out of my main interest, namely art.
Unfortunately, being this lonely has practically evaporated my creativity and passion for what used to be an outstanding talent, and it feels like I’m constantly drowning in a sinkhole of depression and anxiety, which has caused me to shift all focus into working like a slave to distract from all of it, which I realize isn’t healthy despite making good money.
What really sucks is feeling totally passive in light of everyone else enjoying their lives and having fun while I’m stuck in observation mode — like it’s pretty wack driving friends and partners around during evenings and wishing I shared that type of connection with someone. Oftentimes I’ve tried initiating connections with people, and vice versa, but nothing ends up clicking for whatever reason and all I have are single serving friends. Flirted with so many girls who seemed awesome or at least somewhat interesting at first, then they’ve all ghosted without explanation, and recently I’ve started to realize that it’s probably not the right place for me to be looking, given the circumstances.
Declared pandemic and everybody losing their minds over identity politics definitely hasn’t helped.
Dating apps also suck, like trying to find a match in the clearance rack of humanity, and feeling that the best odds are in downplaying myself and going along with that same one-dimensional game that most people are stuck playing — to heck with all of that.
My stupid Hinge account has nearly two hundred matches, so it’s not that I’m physically monstrous or otherwise unappealing at first glance, just that those platforms haven’t yielded any positive results for me, which I assume is mostly because the medium is too superficial and simply doesn’t work for where I’m at in life.
In short, I’m depressed due to loneliness and it sucks being stuck in the cycle, so I’m posting here in hopes of turning that around and finding someone who doesn’t mind that I feel this way at first base, someone with whom to share the type of connection and honesty and mutual support that lifts us both up high as fuck as we rise in love, cos falling is for derps and life isn’t meant to be lived alone.
Anyhow, now that the outline of my emotional baggage has been laid on the table, here goes some more specific info for the record:
I‘m huge on science fiction. Favorites include the Matrix trilogy, the Alien franchise, Battlestar Galactica, District 9, Starship Troopers, Terminator, Altered Carbon, just to name a few that come to mind. Also Metal Gear Solid is like my single favorite work of fiction ever ever, so there’s that whole convoluted mess you can look forward to hearing about 😂
I listen to a fairly wide variety of music, and I’m a huge hip hop head, with a particular appreciation for 90s boom bap and lofi style production and lyricism. My favorite rap act of the past several years has been Run the Jewels, hands down, cos they are overly awesome in all the ways that most contemporary hip hop simply isn’t — plus they’ve even done a song with my favorite band of all time, namely Phantogram, so fuck yeah RTJ all day and Phantogram forever.
I love cooking, though due being alone and working so much of the time I mostly eat takeout. However, I’ll super love to cook together or even do most or all of the cooking since it’s really great making stuff for other people and sharing the enjoyment together.
I also enjoy having drinks when I’m not too tired from work. My faves include whiskey and Bloody Marys. Used to smoke my fair share weed but haven’t in a while for lack of access, though I certainly wouldn’t mind getting high and vegging out together over a good stoner comedy and some dank munchies 😊
Politically I’m an Anarchist/Voluntarist, so I’m not particularly invested in mainstream politics, aside from analyzing how they relate to globalism and the centralization of power and control over society and humanity. Conspiracy realism and social engineering, understanding how shit is being manipulated behind the scenes by the the ruling class and exploring meaningful alternatives is the sorta political discussion which interests me. That being said, I really don’t mind where you’re aligned on any side of the aisle, because personally I find it ridiculous how people let themselves be so deeply defined and divided along these lines that they build protective bubbles to insulate themselves from difference of opinion, like you’re either with the good guys or with the enemy 🤢🤮. Ultimately, you can vote Biden or Trump, Democrat or Republican, even though they’re both objectively horrible, and I’ll still love you 🥰
Oh, also I just bought a drone & wanna start doing some aerial photography and video editing, so there’s something fun we can begin exploring together.
Physically I’m 5’10”, mixed ethnicity (white/hispanic), slightly bearded with a toned dad sorta bod, and generally more rugged than smooth in terms of appearance.
Probably gonna find this post most useful as a reference point, given that dating subs are so over-saturated these days, however if you’re seeing this as it’s being posted then by all means let’s chat 😁
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2020.09.23 22:49 cehteshami Some thoughts about Characters in older Mario games, now that I'm replaying Sunshine, especially in regards to newer characters.

I'm playing through Super Mario Sunshine now after 18 years away from the game and I've fallen back in love with Isle Delfino and the weirdness that is a part of it. I love the Piantas, the odd enemies (Strollin' Stu, lookin' at you) and creativity the team had in creating a cohesive landscape to stuff with 120 challenges for Shines. It reminded me of the news that was circulated back in July about no new characters being allowed in Paper Mario games and that bummed me out.
On the one hand I understand that Nintendo is a big global mega developer and shareholders will be demanding that certain measures are taken to "protect the value of Nintendo's IP" on the other hand I think the lack of new character design and freedom in story creativity is starting to affect the franchise, maybe some games more than others (looking at you Mario RPG's).
Let's take the Pianta's for example, they made their debut in Super Mario Sunshine and have been reused very effectively in a couple instances since then. The most obvious to me is the hilarous Don Pianta.

In Mario and the Thousand Year Door we got to see this funny gang of Piantas running amok in Rogueport and get tied into their turf war and personal storyline in the game. While I am enjoying the new Paper Mario game, and it is a much more enjoyable experience than Paper Jam or even Color Splash, I am bummed that we won't be able to get new Toadsworths, or new Koopa/Goomba partners like ParaKarry.

Unique character designs that go along with their more significant place in the game mythos I think help me remember games fondly and develop emotional attachments to the experiences. The closest thing I can thing of to this is Bobby from Origami King, but his lack of a distinct design really hampered the story telling impact of Bobby's story. I liked what the team was trying to do with him, but without being able to make distinct characters that also shared the same world with Mario, it feels like new characters don't have the same staying power and recognition older ones did.
I guess I should specify and could be more clear. games like Mario Odyssey have some great art design, but there aren't a lot of what I would call characters in those games. It's really just Peach, Mario, Bowser, and Cappy. There were all sorts of fun designs, but they weren't characters who wanted things, or had story arcs. Maybe I'm dilineating too much.
Maybe that's intentional, a focus on gameplay over story, but especially in the RPG series it feels like an odd decision, since they should go hand in hand to help each other. And so much of Sunshine's great unique feel comes from Delfino feeling like on of the most real locations in the Mushroom world, I just am a bit bummed we won't be able to see an approach like that in the near future. What's everyone else feel about character design in Mario games? Any excitement for characters in new Nintendo Switch Mario games coming out? Any standouts from Mario Odyssey for example? To me I don't really think of any the way I think of F.U.D.D. or Rosalina, or Kammy Koopa.
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2020.09.23 21:49 cehteshami Super Mario Sunshine reminds me what creative the Mario team used to have in character design/world creation at Nintendo, and it kind of bums me out a bit now.

Super Mario Sunshine reminds me what creative the Mario team used to have in character design/world creation at Nintendo, and it kind of bums me out a bit now.
I'm playing through Super Mario Sunshine now after 18 years away from the game and I've fallen back in love with Isle Delfino and the weirdness that is a part of it. I love the Piantas, the odd enemies (Strollin' Stu, lookin' at you) and creativity the team had in creating a cohesive landscape to stuff with 120 challenges for Shines. It reminded me of the news that was circulated back in July about no new characters being allowed in Paper Mario games and that bummed me out.

On the one hand I understand that Nintendo is a big global mega developer and shareholders will be demanding that certain measures are taken to "protect the value of Nintendo's IP" on the other hand I think the lack of new character design and freedom in story creativity is starting to affect the franchise, maybe some games more than others (looking at you Mario RPG's).

Let's take the Pianta's for example, they made their debut in Super Mario Sunshine and have been reused very effectively in a couple instances since then. The most obvious to me is the hilarous Don Pianta.
Original Pianta's

Don Pianta

In Mario and the Thousand Year Door we got to see this funny gang of Piantas running amok in Rogueport and get tied into their turf war and personal storyline in the game. While I am enjoying the new Paper Mario game, and it is a much more enjoyable experience than Paper Jam or even Color Splash, I am bummed that we won't be able to get new Toadsworths, or new Koopa/Goomba partners like ParaKarry.

Unique character designs that go along with their more significant place in the game mythos I think help me remember games fondly and develop emotional attachments to the experiences. The closest thing I can thing of to this is Bobby from Origami King, but his lack of a distinct design really hampered the story telling impact of Bobby's story. I liked what the team was trying to do with him, but without being able to make distinct characters that also shared the same world with Mario, it feels like new characters don't have the same staying power and recognition older ones did.

Maybe that's intentional, a focus on gameplay over story, but especially in the RPG series it feels like an odd decision, since they should go hand in hand to help each other. And so much of Sunshine's great unique feel comes from Delfino feeling like on of the most real locations in the Mushroom world, I just am a bit bummed we won't be able to see an approach like that in the near future. What's everyone else feel about character design in Mario games? Any excitement for characters in new Nintendo Switch Mario games coming out? Any standouts from Mario Odyssey for example? To me I don't really think of any the way I think of F.U.D.D. or Rosalina, or Kammy Koopa.
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2020.09.23 20:20 TrevorArizaFan Trade possibilities for LaMarcus Aldridge?

With the Spurs season over, LaMarcus Aldridge is entering the final year of his contract. I think it's likely that LMA will be traded; the Spurs' playoff streak ended this year, and they'll likely be out of the playoffs in a competitive west next year. At age 35, Aldridge may want to ring-chase to secure his spot in HOF. While a 35 year-old big man may not seem like a desirable trade asset, Aldridge was still productive last season, putting up 19/7/2, and he's an expiring contract, meaning teams won't have to commit to him long-term if he falls off. Also of note is Aldridge's freak transformation to a decent 3PT shooter; he shot 39% on a career-high three attempts per game last year, though this could be a fluke. From the Spurs side, I don't see them giving up LMA without a first round pick or young talent; Marcus Morris and Robert Covington collected late firsts this year, and I think LMA would get comparable value from a contender. With all that in mind, here are some trade possibilities I can see for LMA:
-Pros: LMA gets to play for a contender, Warriors get a PF, and the Spurs get a pick.
-Cons: Wiggins is still a franchise boat anchor, LMA would be a big investment in a type of player the Warriors have avoided spending big on, the Warriors may favor the value of a rookie on a cheap deal over an aging star, and this offer can be beaten by teams with more draft capital and young talent.
-Pros: If OKC can't move CP3, they may just try and run it back with CP3/Gallo. Trading Adams for Aldridge gives them an immediate upgrade because LMA can do more than set screens and get bullied in the paint by PJ Tucker. Since Aldridge's contract expires in 2021, OKC can still have flexibility to go all-in on the tank. The Spurs trade an expiring contract for an expiring contract, giving them flexibility in the potentially loaded 2021 free agency.
-Cons: I don't think Sam Presti wants to keep contending, and, with the Clippers in chaos, giving up a future pick may be too high a price.
-Pros: Miami's biggest weakness in their benchmob is PF; Olynyk is their one true PF. Miami are so deep at guard that I doubt Iggy's going to be a big piece going forward. Aldridge's contract expires in 2021, so the Heat will still have room to chase free agents. The Spurs will get an expiring contract and a young player.
-Cons: About that young player: I don't see the Heat being able to give up picks, because they have so few of them. That means they'll likely have to give up one of their young talents. Kendrick Nunn has fallen out of the rotation, so he's a natural choice, but Nunn is still a player without much NBA experience who just made the All-Rookie team; the Heat may not want to risk a player of his potential. Another option is to work out a sign/trade with Derrick Jones Jr., but the Heat may want to hold onto him for his defense. The only Heat pick I could see getting traded is their 2022 FRP, which should theoretically still be in their window of contention. Trading Iggy after the gentlemen's agreement he reached with Miami for an extension would also be a bad look.
It was pretty difficult to find teams who would value LMA's win-now upside, but had the assets to get him, hence OKC/Miami, who aren't really natural trade partners. What other trade possibilities for LMA are there? Am I insanely overvaluing him? Will Dejounte Murray learn to shoot and lead the Spurs to the playoffs next year?
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2020.09.23 18:38 throwaway18671903 Modern Warfare's Spawns Represent A Quantum Leap in Computer Science

Infinity Ward had a massive task ahead of them as they undertook the monumental duty of carrying on the iconic Modern Warfare name with another installment of the series. For years, gamers have held up the brand as the peak of the FPS genre. To ensure success, IW assembled a crack team to meet their goal of not only revolutionizing the Call of Duty franchise, but shooters as a whole.
As we all know, this has been vastly regarded as a success. The lack of Dead Silence as a whole completely rebalanced the competitive meta of the game, providing for alternative playstyles such as 'camping'. The team also made a breakthrough in the addition of doors- a success unparalleled across, one could argue, the history of gaming. The fine-tuning of slide-cancelling originally introduced in Black Ops 4 not only increased realism but also boosted Sony, Microsoft, Scuf, and Battlebeaver profits through shorter controller lifespans. One would be excused for thinking this was their greatest achievement- I mean how many single changes can increase profits for 4 of their largest partners?
But, as I played the game further, I realized there was one even more incredible success built into the game. One that for years computer scientists have theorized impossible: the truly random number generator. To give some background, it has been to this point essentially impossible to create a truly random number in a computer program. Some programs draw their 'random' numbers from the computer's clock, some use bioelectrical signals to increase their randomness. During the Cold War, the CIA even used magnetic signals from solar flares to create even more randomness. But all of these draw from non-random inputs, making their outputs not fully random.
But, I hypothesize (and will prove through the evidence below), that Infinity Ward has finally 'cracked' the code:
Evidence #1:
Evidence #2:
Evidence #3:
Now take some time to look through these. Watch them multiple times. I have. I've built machine learning models, statistical models, Bayesian models, had my dog try to predict them. I've compared them to sun flares, bioelectrical information from over 20,000 species, Joe Cecot's brainwave readings (ok I tried this one, there wasn't enough info). NOTHING matches up. Nothing makes this make sense, meaning that IW has implemented in their spawn system the most breakthrough algorithm in computer science history: a truly random number generator. If you still don't believe me, I present my next piece of evidence:
Evidence #4:
Chris "Parasite" Duarte believes he can predict spawns
And here I rest my case. Haggy's brain has evolved to the point where it too can generate truly random numbers (and pickup lines). For him to be THE ONLY ONE that can predict these spawns, then they must truly be random.
My only further questions are what obstacle will IW conquer next? Will they prove that P=NP? Will they utilize quantum computing in their next game? All I know is, I'm happy to be along for the ride. Thanks Mr. Cecot.
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2020.09.23 14:41 GaryNunchucks The Weekly Mock Draft 2.0: Vikings replace Diggs, Bengals protect Burrow

What is The Weekly Mock Draft?
Every Wednesday/Thursday of the season (starting today and ending after Week 17), I will post a mock draft. The order is determined by Tankathon (record and SOS) and will be updated weekly as well. This will be used as a tool to determine how the stocks of the top prospects changed throughout the year and for the fans to have something to look forward to once football games are over for the week. The teams will pick players as if they are drafting today. Enjoy!
1. Carolina: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
Teddy Bridgewater is not the long-term answer at QB and everyone knows it. If Carolina does in fact end up with the top pick, they will not hesitate to select the athletic Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence. His bend of size, athleticism, and arm talent combines with physical gifts to create the dream QB many teams long for. The Panthers can have him sit behind Bridgewater for a season or choose to play him from Week 1. Either way, the team will have an exciting QB to build around for years to come.
2. Atlanta: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
If games were won solely by offense, Atlanta would be 2-0. However, their defense has came short in the past two games and Thomas Dimitroff needs to make big moves this upcoming offseason if he wants to keep his job. Micah Parsons, without a doubt, is the best defensive player in this class and fits a need at LB. Although he isn't the most consistent tackler, his potential outweighs any concerns, making him a perfect fit for a Falcons defense that needs a spark.
3. Minnesota: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
Adam Thielen has been great as the WR1 in Minnesota and Justin Jefferson has time to develop as this is only his rookie season. Bisi Johnson has been fairly lackluster in two seasons as a Viking and isn't expected to be a core member of Minnesota offense. The Vikings need a proper replacement for Stefon Diggs and if Justin Jefferson doesn't live up to his expectations as a Round 1 pick, they need to consider Ja'Marr Chase. He is a natural receiver, with a smooth style of play and plucky hands, and could help form a deadly receiving group in Minnesota.
4. Detroit: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Lions LB trio has been uninspiring in their play so far and players like Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones can certainly be replaced any day of the week. Moses is an athletic LB with extraordinary instincts and range. If Jamie Collins Sr. can keep up the play he displayed in New England, pairing him with Moses would provide a great boost to the young Lions defense.
5. Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The best non-QB prospect falls to Cincinnati at 5 and will be the easiest pick of the draft. Cincinnati is desperate for help on the offensive line, especially the OT position. Rookie Jonah Williams is expected to be a mainstay on the offensive line but is capable of moving around and if Sewell is drafted, he could shift to LG. Another situation would involve both Williams and Sewell playing OT. Wherever the coaches decide to place them, the Bengals will have two talented linemen that can help keep promising rookie QB Joe Burrow healthy.
6. Philadelphia: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
The Eagles have had a terrible start to the season, losing their first two games to teams they were supposed to be better than, but all the blame can't be placed on Carson Wentz and the offense. Starting CBs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox have not performed up to par and although Slay is expected to a star on the Eagles defense, Maddox can be replaced and Farley is the perfect option. The elite Virginia Tech CB may be new to defending WRs but he plays like he has experience. A CB duo of Slay and Farley would certainly come in handy against an NFC East featuring up and coming receivers like CeeDee Lamb and Terry McLaurin.
7. NY Giants: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami
Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Lorenzo Carter have already recorded sacks and showed flashes of pass rushing prowess. Markus Golden has also been solid but the Giants still need a boost at the EDGE position. Rousseau is a raw but terrific edge defender with exceptional length that can help take the Giants defense to the next level.
8. Miami: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
Miami has a great WR1 in top 15 receiver DeVante Parker but his offensive partners, Preston Williams and Isaiah Ford, could be better. Ford enters free agency after this season and Miami could make a dramatic upgrade by drafting Too Tagovailoa's college teammate, DeVonta Smith. The Alabama game changer would be a reliable option in any offense and his chemistry with Tagovailoa will already be there, making him a worthy reach at 8.
9. Denver: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
A.J. Bouye is out for a few weeks with an injury but nobody was expecting him to play like the All-Pro shutdown corner he was in Jacksonville. Bryce Callahan isn't doing too great but still has the potential to turn around his season. Nevertheless, Denver needs to add another CB this upcoming offseason and if they miss out on Farley, they should consider Patrick Surtain II. He has the ideal combination of height, weight, and length for a CB and has displayed the patience and aggressiveness necessary to thrive as a corner in the NFL.
10. Houston → MIA: Quincy Roche, EDGE, Miami
Miami reaches once again, but this time for the explosive in-state EDGE Quincy Roche. The Dolphins pass rushing unit consists of Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaq Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy, none of whom have made a positive impact yet as Dolphins. A lethal defender like Roche needs to be brought in to bolster the pass rush and fill in one of Miami's biggest needs.
11. NY Jets: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Sam Darnold has not lived up to the expectations of being the best QB from the 2018 NFL Draft and although the blame can be put on Adam Gase and the front office not providing more weapons, Darnold has still failed to try and make the best of his situation. The Jets are likely to have a much higher pick but if the draft were to occur today, they would pick at 11. And since this scenario puts them in the war room today, the Jets will bounce on Justin Fields if he is available. Lance is a natural arm that can make effortless throws with accuracy. If Adam Gase is fired as expected, the new coach will likely want to start fresh with a tough QB like Fields.
12. Tampa Bay: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
Tampa Bay has one of the best WR duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Both receivers made the Pro Bowl last season as deserved and with Tom Brady at the helm, the duo could have as good of a season once they are on the field together. Scotty Miller, on the other hand, is not the type of third option that can change the outcome of a game. Chris Godwin will also be a free agent and there is a possibility that the Buccaneers decide to pass on paying him if they want to spend on other positions of need and if they can find a replacement in the draft. This could also end up being a situation similar to what the Cowboys were in this April, taking CeeDee Lamb at 17. Rondale Moore, like Lamb, is a RAC machine that resembles a running back with the ball in his hands. His presence will make Tom Brady's life easier and perhaps propel Tampa Bay to the next tier.
13. Washington: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The departure of Trent Williams left Washington starting Geron Christian Sr. at LT. Christian Sr. is obviously not the long-term starter and could be replaced as soon as next March. Washington could also opt to wait for the draft and pick from a skinny selection of OTs. Leatherwood will likely be available at 13 and Washington should definitely pick him to fully move on from Trent Williams and keep young offensive pieces Dwyane Haskins Jr. and Antonio Gibson healthy.
14. LA Chargers: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
Starting CBs Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Hayward Jr. have not turned any heads with their play so far this season and Desmond King II is frustrated with his role, plus he will be a free agent next spring. Both Harris Jr. and Hayward Jr. will also become free agents together in 2022 and could potentially leave if the Chargers don't perform well. However these next two free agency periods go, the Chargers need to prepare for the future by adding to their secondary. Derwin James and Nasir Adderley are young and promising safeties but CB is the position that really needs to be addressed. Tyson Campbell is a very good outside corner with great athleticism and agility. Drafting him will bump the Chargers up one step in the rebuilding process.
15. Cleveland: Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Cleveland has many needs and two of the most important ones, a leader and an IOL, are addressed with this pick. Creed Humphrey displayed responsibility and leadership as Oklahoma's best blocker and possesses a stronger lower body, helpful in preventing defensive linemen from getting past him. The Browns often rely on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to run the ball and Humphrey will be instrumental in bolstering the team's ground game.
16. Jacksonville: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
Gardner Minshew II has played well and was only 3 points away from leading the Jaguars to a 2-0 record. It has been obvious for the past couple months that Jacksonville's ownership is not interested in winning as they cut star RB Leonard Fournette and got rid of stars on the defensive side of the ball. Minshew II has done what he can to save his job by winning in Week 1 and trying to prove that he deserves to be the Jaguars franchise QB but for now, a replacement seems to be on Jacksonville's radar. The NFL is slowly shifting to an era in which dual-threat QBs reign supreme and Lance fits that mold. He is a competitive athlete with good body and arm strength and could either sit as a backup for his rookie year or start from the beginning and Jacksonville could find a trade for Minshew II.
17. Indianapolis: Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
The Colts get the steal of the draft by landing top 10 prospect Marvin Wilson from Florida State. DeForest Buckner is a defensive star and will be a part of the Colts defense for many years but his teammate on the defensive line, Grover Stewart, is replaceable and the Colts need to improve there. Wilson is a muscular defender with superb physical tools and good mobility for his size. Indianapolis has a young defense that can already get the job done and adding Wilson to the mix makes for an offense's worst nightmare.
18. San Francisco: Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
San Francisco's IOL needs an upgrade and Wyatt Davis is the ideal choice at 18. Laken Tomlinson has impressed so far at LG and has showed noticeable improvement from past seasons but Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill are not doing as good of a job protecting their QB. Wyatt Davis, on the other hand, could drastically improve the 49ers offensive line. The 310 lb Ohio State blocker is a physically imposing bully with a natural feel from the game. He comes from an NFL family, providing lots of experience within the game and he would be a cornerstone on the offensive line.
19. New Orleans: Pat Freirmuth, TE, Penn State
Jared Cook is nearing retirement and this is the last season of his contract. With backups Josh Hill and Adam Trautman under contract for the next couple seasons, New Orleans will not have to keep Cook past his prime and they can instead opt for a cheap replacement through the draft. Although Trautman was a Round 3 pick this year, his role is yet to be determined and until he can show that he is worth being a TE1, the position is on the Saints radar. Freiermuth is a polished pass catcher and has garnered comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. If he can live up to the expectations, the Saints offense will become even more exciting than it already is and keep New Orleans atop the NFC South.
20. Dallas: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
Chidobe Awuzie is only under contract for this season and could depart Dallas if a better offer comes his way. At the age of 25, he still has room to improve and even if the Cowboys decide to keep him, another CB would not hurt. Trevon Diggs has not gotten off to a great start in his rookie year but is expected to do better considering the fact that he has had to defend teams with solid WRs these first two weeks. Now that Shaun Wade is the focal point of Ohio State's secondary, he will have his chance to shine and improve his draft stock. His aggressiveness and physical power make for a tone setting corner that will bolster Dallas's promising secondary.
21. New England: Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama
Lawrence Guy, Byron Cowart, and Adam Butler form an underwhelming defensive line in New England and Bill Belichick needs to address the IDL position once the season ends. A rock solid interior defender, Barmore has displayed immense power and versatility as a member of Alabama's defense. He still has a long way to go until he unlocks his full potential but players like that would be perfect for the Patriots. New England is a great team for developing players into stars and if all goes as planned, Barmore will be a core member of the Patriots organization.
22. Green Bay: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
Green Bay can also consider LB or WR here but Adebo is the BPA and fits a need at CB. Jaire Alexander has lived up to the expectations of being a Round 1 pick and will be the team's long-term starting CB but with RCB Kevin King becoming a free agent after this season, CB could potentially become a pressing need for the Packers. Adebo is an adequate piece in both the run game and the passing game. He has the physical tools, such as long arms and good length, to thrive as a corner in the NFC North, which serves a home to many star WRs such as Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen.
23. Las Vegas: Jay Tufele, IDL, USC
Jonathan Hankins has shown flashes of improvement in his third season with the Raiders but his DT counterpart, Maliek Collins, has been uninspiring. Both players will be free agents in 2021 and it would be wise to keep Hankins and let Collins go. His replacement would be easy to find, as Jay Tufele is the explosive athlete Las Vegas needs on the defensive side of the ball. The Raiders defense is full of youth and adding an agile 315 lb pass rusher would make a big impact on the team's performance.
24. Kansas City: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
Tyreek Hill is now arguably the best WR in the AFC after the Deandre Hopkins trade but the other WRs Kansas City has provided Patrick Mahomes with could easily be upgraded through this WR-heavy draft. Sammy Watkins is only under contract for this season and with many teams desperate for a WR, he could be headed to another city. Rashod Bateman's exciting style of play is perfect for the high-octane Chiefs offense and similarly to Rondale Moore, his best quality may be his run after catch skills.
25. Chicago: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
The Bears need to focus on their offense in the offseason and if Mitchell Trubisky can save his job, the first step Chicago should take is finding weapons for their franchise QB. Allen Robinson II is a top 15 receiver and deserves an extension but even if he gets one, the team's two other starters at WR, Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, are more suitable in backup roles and the Bears could certainly find better options. Jaylen Waddle is being projected by scouts to go much higher than 25 but if the speedy Alabama WR is available, it is very possible they choose him.
26. Pittsburgh: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
Alejandro Villanueva is perfectly fine at LT and the Steelers will most likely want to sign him to a new contract in March. On the right side, Zach Banner was the starter but he suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the rest of the season. He will also be a free agent come the offseason and it would be a cheaper option to only re-sign the better OT and draft a replacement for the other one. Dillon Radunz has primarily lined up as a LT at North Dakota State and Alejandro Villanueva has some experience at RT, making Radunz an excellent choice.
27. Tennessee: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Jonnu Smith has been a pleasant breakout player for the Titans, amassing 8 receptions, 120 receiving yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns in two games. However, the chance to add a potentially better player at the position in Kyle Pitts, especially since he is a top 25 prospect and an AFC South rival like the Jaguars could steal him at 32. Pitts is a creative route runner and has exceptional awareness on top of an outstanding catch radius. He can be treated as an extra receiver and make Ryan Tannehill's job much easier.
28. Arizona: Josh Myers, IOL, Ohio State
Arizona's IOL may have held opposing defenses to only 0 sacks in the first two games of the season but a large portion of the credit must be given to Kyler Murray and his ability to escape from the pocket with ease. The Cardinals need to address the interior and find players that can let Murray relax in the pocket and find his receivers. Josh Myers has impressed many at Ohio State with his mobility and speed and while there are some concerns about how he will translate to the NFL level, the Cardinals should not hesitate to upgrade their offensive line.
29. Seattle → NYJ: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
The Jets drafted pass rusher Quinnen Williams in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and although he was underwhelming in his first season s a pro, he is poised for a breakout year if things go as planned. He could very well turn out to be the bright spot of this dreadful Jets team. Jordan Jenkins has also shown improvement but other than those two, the Jets don't have reliable options to rush the QB. The Michigan power rusher has the prototypical size for an edge defender and could have his best season yet with the Wolverines this fall. Putting him in the mix with Quinnen Williams will give the Jets a much needed boost to the defense.
30. Baltimore: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State
DeShon Elliott has become Baltimore's starting FS in wake of the Earl Thomas fiasco but isn't expected to fill the shoes the Pro Bowler left behind. Elliott will suffice for this season but the Ravens need to find Earl Thomas's replacement in the offseason. Hamsah Nasirildeen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class and doesn't get the attention he deserves for his impressive play and if Baltimore can steal him, it truly is over for the rest of the league.
31. Buffalo: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
Buffalo will consider adding another CB to help Tre'Davious White lead the secondary or add a LB but instead, they reach for Minnesota anchor Daniel Faalele. LT Dion Dawkins is locked up on a long contract until 2025 but RT Daryl Williams will be a free agent this offseason and if he continues improving, his asking price may go up. In that case, the Bills can look to the draft for a new starter on the offensive line and Faalele would be put in a great situation.
32. LA Rams → JAX: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
After drafting their franchise QB in Trey Lance, the Jaguars address the hole Leonard Fournette's release left at RB. James Robinson has impressed doubters with an electric Week 2 performance against the Titans but adding a game-changing back like Etienne would still make sense. If Jacksonville can make an RB timeshare work, they will have an exciting young offense to develop these next few years.
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2020.09.23 08:42 kal2210 Anti-Consumerism: Why This Acquisition Feels Different

Microsoft’s Zenimax Acquisition is Anti-consumer in a Much More Profound Way Than Sony Exclusives Have Been in the Past
Sony is obviously no stranger to big budget console exclusives. However, these franchises are home grown and began as new IPs made by talented individual studios. Sony has not really bought existing publishers with already thriving franchises just to make them exclusive. They’ve partnered with devs and financially supported them providing them the freedom to make excellent games like TLoU, GoW, Uncharted, Spider-Man, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc.
What Microsoft has done is simply purchase a huge publisher for the sole purpose of preventing many gamers from playing their favorite already established and beloved game franchises. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Rather than acquiring talented individual studios and supporting them to create intriguing and bold new IPs establishing their exclusive brand from the ground up, they just took a huge anti-consumer shortcut.
Part of it is likely the fault of PS fans constantly spouting that “Xbox has no games lol”, which I always found to be incredibly annoying. Xbox came out with a great new console, they’ve been working on expanding their first party studio lineup, and I was genuinely excited for their new console to succeed. This just feels like a bit much though and sort of just a slap in the face to gamers. They paid $7.5 billion to limit the number of people that can enjoy Bethesda’s most famous franchises... Pretty sad IMHO.
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2020.09.23 01:39 NastyCamper Streaming News You Need to Know - week of September 14, 2020

Music was the clear winner this week, with both Twitch AND Facebook making huge moves. Twitch signed exclusive streaming and content arrangements with several groups, which will bring virtual festivals, rap battles, live sets, and unique artist-driven content to the platform. And Twitch needed the win this week, after its mid-roll ad test received massive community backlash. Facebook, not to be outdone, signed licensing agreements with some of the biggest labels in music, effectively allowing its content creators to stream popular music from a massive and growing catalog.
These and other stories in TL;DR form below, with links back home to all the latest live-streaming news.
Twitch’s mid-roll ad test ends among community backlash
TL;DR - Earlier this week, Twitch began testing mid-roll ads if certain conditions were met in a streamer’s channel. This sparked near immediate outrage from content creators and viewers alike. That backlash has led Twitch to end the test prematurely, however it issued a statement saying ads are an essential element of keeping the platform free for everyone to use. It’s unclear if mid-roll ads will return under different operating circumstances, but it’s clear Twitch intends to keep experimenting with different advertising initiatives.
Facebook announces landmark music licensing deal for its content creators
TL;DR - In a first-of-its-kind move, Facebook Gaming has licensed a collection of music for its streamers to use in their broadcasts. The social media platform has worked with the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Kobalt Music Group, BMG publishing, and others, opening up a massive catalog of music for streamers in more than 90 countries. For the moment, the arrangement is only available to Facebook Gaming partners, but it’s reportedly in the works for Level Up creators as well. Strangely, Facebook can’t tell creators which songs are ok and which aren’t, so it’s still possible they may face DMCA issues if they choose the wrong songs.
Movement joins forces with Twitch, bringing more virtual music festivals to the platform
TL;DR - The electronic music festival Movement has teamed up with Twitch in a new partnership that promises four online music festivals and fresh weekly streaming content. Movement’s promoter, Paxahau, is also launching its own live content platform which will feature live sets from a collection of different DJs and musical acts, all presumably hosted through Twitch. The first virtual festival kicks off the weekend of September 25th and 26th. The weekly content will include live sets, as well as a variety video podcast.
Twitch deepens Music push with Beatport partnership
TL;DR - Twitch and Beatport announced an exclusive partnership this week, meaning Beatport will expand its offering of live music on the streaming platform. Beatport will be showcasing different artists and genres of electronic music throughout the week, every week, on its Twitch channel. Programming will include content dedicated to individual artists, as well as to various music collectives from around the world. Beatport is also known for its live event partnerships with festivals such as Glastonbury, Movement Detroit, Creamfields, and Junction 2. In addition, Beatport will provide educational content via its Studio Sessions program.
AMC and Twitch team up for The Walking Dead streaming channel
TL;DR - AMC Networks will be launching a new Twitch channel, dedicated exclusively to The Walking Dead Universe. AMC will be creating original, live content, with fan interaction a key component. Fans of the franchise can expect to see about 12 hours of original content each week coming from AMC with “a strong social media component”. AMC is working with Hyper RPG to handle technical production for the live-streaming events, and to oversee the interactive components.
Rap battles are coming to Twitch in new global deal with King of the Dot
TL;DR - Rap battle league King of the Dot has signed a global partnership arrangement with Twitch that will bring complimentary access to its entire catalog of rap battles to Twitch viewers. Additionally, KOTD will live-stream battles from its Grand Prix 2020 tournament, along with an array of other content and celebrity guests. KOTD is considered by many to be an innovator in the rap battle space, meaning this deal could signal an influx of similar arrangements with Twitch and other live-streaming platforms. KOTD mentioned it had been in discussion with other platforms, but that Twitch was “the only team that made it feel right from the start”.
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2020.09.22 21:28 gentleman_bronco Dallas Stars Scouting Report (From a Stars Fan)

Ahoy Bolts fans! Stars fan here with the obligatory "coming in peace"! For real though, a really dope Bolts fan made a fantastic post on the Stars sub like this and I would like to return the favor because life is too rough right now to keep adding negativity to our lives.
First off: Congrats on making it to the Stanley Cup!!
As mentioned, u/emotoaster (bro) made a cool post breaking down Tampa's roster on something of a scouting report because like most fan bases, you don't know as much as you probably should about your opposing team and what better way than to get it from an opposing fan!? I really apprecaited the post and he did a great job (and I'll try to keep with the same format that they used over on the other side). I am going to try to return the favor here but I admittedly am not a pro-fan and I don't know all the details that some other super-fans will know but I'm going to do my best to be a self-appointed ambassador for the green dudes y'all are playing against.
Overall System/Style of Play
We are a defensive club in and out. Yes, there are some dudes who have histories of great goal scoring and high point seasons but pushing the pace on offense leaves for an open defense. Our system is to shut down from the back end and push the opportunities forward. No need to score a bunch if 1 will do the trick.
We can have a very solid neutral zone trap when facing teams that rely on a north-south approach. It was very effective in game 1 of our series and against Vegas as well.
At our best, we will trap the neutral zone and then jump forward with a clean entry with some tick-tack-toe passing or crash the net. At our worst, we can't get the puck out of our defensive zone cleanly. Most of the time, we will have a mixture of both depending on the line combination and matchups and will revert to a chip & chase method which leads to some decent forechecking pressure in the corners. We have a few guys who do this really well and a couple that are still getting there. Like you, we got here because of our depth and un-sung heroes.
Head Coach
Rick "Bones" Bowness: Well, technically not even the head coach. He is the interim HC. He started the year working under the system of Jim Montgomery who was dismissed on 10 December 2019 for "unprofessional conduct". Since then Bowness was activated as the interim Head Coach. A legacy of sorts with a coaching career that goes back to 1982 where he was a player-coach with the Sherbrooke Jets of the AHL. Since then he's been up & down, in & out, all around the game of hockey in one capacity or another. A career assistant coach who enjoys development and working with individual players mostly, which has probably contributed to his checkered career as a head coach. Nevertheless, he put on the suit & tie in Dallas to become the oldest coach in the NHL after Monty's departure and it's been a rollercoaster. Some say that Bones doesn't want to stay on as HC next year, and others seem to think that he needs to. But that is for Bones & Jim Nill (Dallas GM) to figure out. Personally, I think he will want to go back to assistant and keep working on player's individual development. But that is just my homer opinion. "Losing sucks but losing to such a great person in Rick makes it a little bit easier." Nathan MacKinnon. Apparently Mac & Bones live on the same lake back in Nova Scotia. Other teams that he has been part of in the NHL as HC: Winnipeg, Boston, Ottawa, New York Islanders, & Phoenix. As Assistant: Vancouver & Tampa Bay (2013-2018).
General Stats:
Again, we are a defensive based team and this reflects in the statistics. Before the shutdown, 37-24-8 Record. We had a whopping 178 Goals For this past year (3rd lowest in the league) with a mere 174 Goals Against (Second lowest in the league behind Boston). This equates to a game average of 2.58 - 2.52 per game. It isn't good for your blood pressure to be a Stars fan. In case you didn't know...y'all are at a league high of 3.47-2.77. As far as Special Teams are concerned, we finished the abbreviated season with a (somewhat) rock hard PP of 21.1% conversion rate and a rather ugly PK of 79.7%, which I think you thoroughly enjoyed last night. For faceoffs, we've got a slight statistical superiority on the dot, finishing the season at 51.8% against your 50.5%.
Offense Lines:
(With Monty as HC, there was always fluctuations in lines. He would perpetually throw out different combinations and different looks, so this is the "traditional layout" if you were ask a casual Stars fan on a "usual game")
1st Line - Alexander Radulov - Tyler Seguin Point - Jamie Benn
The "big boys" (read: big contracts, lol). In reality Seggs usually is the "playmaker" of the group and will usually have a good FO%. Rads is the hustle of the group who can generate sloppy looking chances from a great forecheck. He often gets overly aggressive and takes thoughtless penalties. In the Monty days, he occasionally would be a healthy scratch if he was being a dumbass on the ice. And he would typically come back to net a Hatty. Benn is our C. He is a big dude who enjoys playing physically in front of the net. He has been the leader on and off the ice for Dallas for the past seven seasons. He is heavily criticized from all sides as not doing "enough" for the team but in reality the guy can be a monster. I really feel as if he missed his calling on a traditional checking line but his offensive skill is what pushed him to the top. He won the Art Ross in '14/'15 and a gold medal with Canada in '14.
2nd Line - Mattias Janmark - Joe Pavelski - Denis Gurianov
It's going to be tough to put the "traditional lines" up here because they jump around so much.
Janmark: Swedish. Scored on you last night. Janny has a great forecheck and will always be in the mix. He doesn't translate very well on the offensive scoresheet but man, does he hustle on the ice. He frequently is on the PK and doesn't get much praise in the Stars subreddit due to his "inability to finish". Frequently we joke that...Stars on a breakaway, fuck - it's Janny. I don't think it's a confidence thing or a drought thing. He's got a great game, just doesn't translate well to the system offensively. He's a UFA after this season and probably won't get resigned. Which sucks, because he's one of my favorites.
Joe Pavelski: Huge lottery win in the Free Agent Market got us Captain America. Great presence on the dot. Fantastic in front of the net. Unfortunately, we don't seem to put him there too often. He is leading our team in playoff goals right now and is #3 of all time for American born players in the playoffs. He is a real leader for the club and brings a ton of experience on the PP.
Denis Gurianov: Or Scorianov. Rooke. Leading goalscorer for the regular season (20). Wicked slapshot. Wicket wristshot. Wicked snapshot. Really fast skater and what has surprised most Stars fans this postseason is how physical he can play. He has been getting in the mix and throwing the body fairly well.
3rd Line - Andrew Cogliano - Radek Faska - Blake Comeau
Grind time! The FCC line was the complete jobber this entire season. We matched the Av's top line with this group in the last series. This is clearly my favorite offensive line. They don't generate much on the scoresheet but damnit if they earn their paychecks!
Cogliano: Veteran from around the league. He is the smallest dude on the bench at 5'11, 177. Has 1K+ games recorded and notched a 20 goal season once. The guy is always on the PK, always on the forecheck and always giving is best. He came over from Anaheim last year in a super rare one-for-one swap for Devin Shore. Cogs is a real ironman, which is ironic because it was a rare injury to him that made him a healthy scratch to give JFK a chance (we'll get to him later). Radek Faksa - Our top two-way center. He will be Dallas' Marian Hossa. He has a great presence on the ice and plays really good hockey. He is an RFA this season and I highly suspect Dallas will pay a pretty penny to keep him.
Blake Comeau: Fuck, he's probably my favorite forward. 34 year old veteran has been wearing the A recently and he owns it. Always giving his best and really playing his heart out. Is the best? Prettiest? Fastest? Hell no! Is he going to play in your face, throw the body all night and fire off some wild clapper from the top of the circle? Yup! He's got one year left on his contract and he'll probably hang 'em up afterwards (I hope as i don't think Dallas will resign a 36 year old third line grinder and I would never want him to wear another jersey).
4th Line - Corey Perry - Jason Dickinson - Roope Hintz
I guess this is the third line, or second...IDK.
Corey Perry: Y'all, Imma be up front with you. It's weird. He was the bane of so much. In your face. Pest. Pesky. All those reasons ~we~ you hate him. Ask any Stars fan and they'll tell you how weird it is cheering for him. But here is the skinny - He's wearing victory green. He's being a pest for us (not against us). Yeah, he's done some stupid shit (see his ~six seconds of winter classic ice time) but he signed for a bottom of the basement level contract ($1.5M) riddled with potential bonuses that don't hit the cap. Excellent signing for our GM. I doubt he'll resign in Dallas but this was his "rebound year".
Jason Dickskin er...Dickinson (Letterkenny fans?? I know it doesn't fit, but it's close enough for the drunk version of me on game night): Young kid on his first contract. He's an RFA next year and we'll want to keep him around. I believe management believes he could be the next version of Jamie Benn. Strong, scrappy forward who has a good net presence. He still has a lot of development to do but at 25 years old - he is gonna get there.
Roope Hintz - Fuck this kid can fly. 23 years old. He's 6'3, 220 (same exact measurements as Jamie Benn) and can sake like the fucking wind. Grinds out lots of minutes on the PK and has a bunch of development to do. He was given a chance last year on some injuries and earned the permanent spot in the lineup after firing off a few wicked slapshots. He's an RFA this year and I really hope we can resign him.
Others in the lineup:
Joel "Fucking" Kiviranta: So there has recently been a ton to say about this guy. The Finnish announcer calling his goal is delightful. He was a healthy scratch coming into the bubble as he is a solid two way wing. Depending how the series goes, you'll probably hear the usual anecdotes on him: "undrafted, recommended by Jere Lehtinen (who is now the Finnish team's GM) to the Stars organization as a solid two way forward with a good hockey IQ. But let me give you my anecdote. I went to the Stars' development camp before this season started. It was right after the draft and I got to watch everybody in the development pipeline practice, scrimmage, and just get to know each other. I remember Kivi out there. He wasn't the smallest guy (even though he's only 5'10, 180). He wasn't the fastest or had the best shot (Jason Robertson has the best shot in the pipeline BY FAR). But I wanted to pay attention to Kivi as he was the only Finn in the camp. The guy skated so much better laterally than anybody else. His stickhandling wasn't great but his passes were the speed of some other guys' slapshot. The sound when his pass connects was on another level. I like this kid. It's hard not to when his statement following a hatty in his first postseason game is: "I hope they play me again". Kivi came in with an unusual injury to Andrew Cogliano and has stayed in the lineup with the injury from Radek Faksa.
Jason Robertson - as mentioned earlier, JRob had the best shot in the Stars' development camp. I watched him shoot the shit with other guys at the top of the circle between drills. He casually rang post after post after post wrist shots from the top of the circle like a fucking sniper. He was so casual and so clean with his follow-through. The speed of each shot was phenomenal. The only reason I mention him is because I want to believe that he will probably be the next-one-up in the event Roope is out.
Justin Dowling - One year left on his contract until he is an UFA. He may be re-signed depending on the outlook. He is fairly ready for a permanent spot on the lineup but hasn't gotten much. He played in 29 games this season with the boys and registered 3 goals and 3 assists. He may get the callup if somebody is injured, depending on the need. He usually fits a one way winger role and not so much of a stick handling playmaker. The NHL is really pushing the "Baby in the bubble" story as a human interest piece. His family lives quite close to Edmonton his wife and newborn baby were the first to pass through quarantine to be reunited. Thankfully the baby looks nothing like Justin.
Transparency: I always played defense growing up and still do on rec teams. I love playing D and really love the Dallas blue liners. I think it is what drew me to be a Stars fan (was a Blackhawks/Habs fan as a kid).
1st Pair - Esa Lindell - Jon Klingberg
Lindell: The quietest unsung hero of the D-Core. He will most likely log the most minutes each game and will anchor a PK. Deceptively strong with a 6'3" Finnish frame (skinny) and has legs like a fucking Clydesdale horse. He is my favorite player as he seems to make very smart defensive moves, doesn't appear to chirp that much and has recently shown to make some smart offensive zone entries. My favorite part of Lindell? His contract. Very team friendly and will stay with Dallas (hopefully) through 2025.
Klingberg: When Klinger signed his contract in 2015 it was called "risky" as he wasn't nearly developed as he is today. He was always an offensively minded defenseman. And even now, his mind is faster than his ability. We will see him fumble and miss opportunities but he is 28 years old and will keep growing each year. He is slick and can dangle with the best of them. Watch out for him on PP1 at the blue line making a lane to fire off a wrist shot. It's essentially a floating pass to be tipped.
2nd Pair - Miro - Jamie Oleksiak
Miro: The "generational talent". Even if Dallas had the number 1 pick in 2018, they would have gone with Miro. He is such a smart defenseman with a great offensive ability. Deceptively strong Finnish frame who positions himself very well. He will be Dallas' franchise guy for the foreseeable future.
Oleksiak: Big Rig. He went back and forth with Dallas & Pittsburg (who seemed to fix him up well, thanks Pens!). He really came into his own this season. He was on the bubble all of last year and getting an occasional chance due to injury or ability. He is our biggest guy (6'7") and he has really matured this year in his role pairing with Miro.
3rd Pair - Andrej Skera - Roman Polak - Stephen Johns - Taylor Fedun - Joel Hanley
So this "pairing" is going to be the odds & ends as our 3rd was never really hammered out and I'm not too sure where to start.
Polak: He opted out of the bubble on his last year with the Stars. He won't be coming back. I liked Polak last year and when he played this year but apparently he was quite disgruntled how the season played out. He sustained a broken sternum on the first game of the season against the Bruins. After his return, he never got to his full potential. Bowness decided to alternate Polak & Skera with who was playing each night.
Skera: Another "rebound year" coming off a horrendous ACL injury for a basement ($1.5M) contract. The 34 year old veteran was frequently the butt of jokes on the Dallas GDT's. And I am just as guilty as anybody. But since the Flames series, he has been doing so much better. There are still the chances to fumble in the defensive zone and to have a target-less pass in front of our own goalies. But here is the reality: Sekera has never had a firm defensive partner. He is currently playing with his third partner since the re-start! Finaly with Fedun he seems to be getting some kind of trust and chemistry going. Knowing how to read each other's minds is so important on defense and Sekera really hasn't gotten much of a chance to do that, whether it was filling in for Polak, sitting out or having an AHL'r come up for a night or anythign else that would come up. But in the past few series (Avs & Vegas) he has been much better. But if your offense is going to pressure anybody into a mistake, it'll be Sekera.
Joel Hanley - currently in the lineup with a non-roster minor league contract. Scored his first goal ever against y'all in game 1. He has more maturity than the other D's who came with the team to the bubble and is the latest one up.
Taylor Fedun - Can be opted as a forward in a pinch but has been Unfit to play for a while.
Stephen Johns - Oh where to begin. He was our Masterton trophy nominee. He came to Dallas in the trade that also brought Patrick Sharp from Chicago. According to Stars Legend, the trade was always about Johns. He was assigned to the AHL affiliate for development. Big and physical defensemen with an incredible slapshot. His last game before this year was in the 2017/18 season. He suffered from Post-traumatic headaches and depression. He has since spoken openly regarding his mental health and recovery. Unfortuantely he has remained unfit to play since August 11th when he played for 10 minutes against the Flames. I really hope Johns is okay. He seems like such a good guy and his dog is really adorable (he occasionally posts on instagram).
Other in the bubble:
Thomas Harley - or is it Harley Thomas? LOL. He was our first round draft choice this past year and was in the OHL all season. If anybody else goes down, he'll be the next one in. He's a playmaking blue liner.
1A: Ben Bishop - Used to play for you. NBC only seems to know how tall he is but because he has been unfit to play for the majority of the playoffs, I seem to have forgotten...was it 6'7'' or 7'6''? Not sure what is going on, but I have a feeling that he has had a back injury all year stemming from some stuff in the playoffs last year. I remember seeing him take an awkward fall while covering up and was really slow to get back up. But anyway, he has been unfit to play for a while. He came to the coaching staff and was like "im good coach, put me in" and then he let 4 goals go by him in the first period of the Avs game. No good.
1B: Anton Khudobin - Dobby. The Kazak Scorpion. The track suit wearing, crawfish eating, journeyman backup turned 1B goaltender. He is a delight of a human being. His instagram is great. This past season he posted a 16-8 record with a 2.22 GAA & .930 SV%. This year, Dobby is a free elf and gets to choose where he goes. I hope he chooses to stay at Hogwarts to work in the kitchens as a free elf. But either way, I will ALWAYS cheer for Dobby (fuck, I hope fate doesn't make me do this), even if he ends up on the Blues.
Backup - Jake Oettinger. He will be our guy in the future. He's 21, and has won a bunch of medals with USA in the world Juniors. He got his first NHL saves on September 8th against Vegas in relief.
Goal song: Puck Off by Panera
Goal horn: Cool as fuck
Macot: Victor E Green - weird alien dude with a big belly. My seven year old daughter hates him.
Bolts & Stars connections: Not only Bowness, Bishop but also Dallas goaltending coach, Jeff Reese played in 19 games for y'all in 1995 posting a 7-7-1 record. After his retirement as a player, he joined the Tampa organization as a goalie coach during your Cup year in 2004!
TL;DR: We have two very different teams during a very different year. I am happy that we have this distraction. Finally, this post is intended to be about sportsmanship and shit like that. It's a game. We're fans. We cheer. We boo. We sulk. We chirp. And we both have fans that take it all a little too far. But at the end of the day, I hope we can have a good series and nobody hates each other afterwards. And most importantly nobody gets hurt. We've got a salt-free handshake thread over on our sub for post-series best wishes and congratulations and shit like that. Feel free to drop on by if you're in the mood.
Good luck Bolts Bros
Edit: holy smokes, thank you for the awards bros!!
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2020.09.22 21:26 Doges_Best_Friend NFT hidden gem with HUGE partners and advisors already signed

A NFT (non-fungible token) blockchain project called VIMWorld ( will allow for all types of gaming including older Board games and newer AAA games to store game IP in a NFT. The NFT's are called VIMS which are linked into the ecosystem VIMWorld, and the token used is called EHrT (Eight Hours Token) currently available on Bitrue (rumor - new exchange listing is imminent, maybe Binance). Game developers and Partners can quickly utilize the NFT VIM and integrate their IP which is then stored on the blockchain and can be used across games including their already selling product called the PlayTable (
The team just paid out $250 ad-hoc rewards to their S-Tier node holders, not part of the VIMPool rewards which will be released soon paying out 5% every 2 weeks of all $EHrTs spent in the gaming ecosystem.
A VIM can be described as Virtually Integrated Metadata which is the core of the 8Hours ( platform meta system that is built on VeChainThor blockchain and stores metdata such as data and transaction history and functions as a memory capsule, a collectible, a digital wallet (storing $EHrTs, the token) and a tool for game play and human connection. VIMS can also be linked to a physical object in the real world.
Advisors to the project include:
  1. Glen Schofield - Prolific name in AAA game industry, 3x Call of Duty, grossing $1B+
  2. Sean Barger - Gaming industry veteran who has published over 55 titles, most notably "Tetris"
  3. Kris Alexander - Chief Strategist at Akami, Built business from $0 to $100M+
  4. Jateen Parekh - First employee worked on the Kindle project. Co-founded Jelli and was acquired by the largest media company, iHeartMedia.
  5. Shen Bo - Founding partner of Fenbushi. He is with Bitcoin and DACs. He first worked with Shanghai Huaji Internet Holding as CEO
  6. Kai Huang - Co-creator of the multi-billion dollar Guitar Hero franchise, and co-founder of RedOctane.
  7. Ray Hatoyama - Ex-Pokemon advisor, Ex-Hello Kitty CEO and director of LINE and Mitsubishi
  8. Michael Katz - with 25 years experience in the video game entertainment sector. Industry experience includes Mattel, Coleco, (Donkey Kong and Pacman), Atari’s video game division, President of SEGA Entertainment USA.
enjin coin is more of a market place to buy gaming items whereas 8Hours aims to store your gaming life/history on an NFT which is unique and can contain special colored tokens/companions which add to the value of it and utilized across games on any device where a partner has integrated their IP.

From an AMA with CEO John Dempsey of 8Hours Foudation, this stood out for me: "we're under NDA for several major companies with big household name brands. These are companies that everyone is familiar with and we can flood their communities with our EHrTs and VIMs. We can't name any right now, but these titles are under development. We've already worked with huge board game brands like Asmodee for Catan and Ticket to Ride. Our partnership deals are being made to create revenue, which we are feeding back into the ecosystem to create more and more value. Larger IPs are being signed which aren't board games, but a greater firt for EHrTs and the VIM economy in general. We do work with smaller indie firms, too, for the creation of unique content (over a dozen developers have submitted / created games for PlayTable)

Circulating Supply - 1,854,037,961
Max Supply - 10,000,000,000
Market Cap - $27,549,886
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2020.09.22 20:13 MikeJesus The Birds Hate Me for What I Have Done

I have made a powerful enemy.
There’s approximately eighty thousand pigeons that roost within Prague city limits. They roam through the farmer’s markets looking for drops of food, they sit on the Art Noveau windowsills that loom near the city center, every figure of Czech history who has been rewarded with a statue is also rewarded with a pigeon patron who will sit and shit on top of their heads for all eternity. Every inch of the city is filled with those gray birds.
But not today.
As the farmer’s markets get set up the peddlers mumble to themselves about the surprising lack of avian companionship. The twilight commuters look up at the bare windowsills and try to figure out what has changed in the architecture of the city overnight. The layer of droppings on Winston Churchill’s head is at least a day old. This morning, as the city slowly rustles awake to the midi tones of cellphone alarms, the pigeons are gathering outside of the main train station.
They’re here because of me.
The birds hate me for what I have done.
For weeks I have only traveled by night, for weeks I have been avoiding the inevitable, for weeks I had hoped they would simply forget. But they didn’t and I know they won’t. The birds will not let me live freely until I pay for what I have done.
I set out this morning to bring the feud to rest, but as I emerge out of the subway and see what awaits me beyond the Plexiglas windows I get second thoughts. The park outside the automatic doors of the train station has been swallowed up in feathers. From the sea of gray, hateful beads of crimson stare at me. They’re waiting.
There’s two bags filled with Bohemia Bakery croissants in my hands. I can’t control the shaking. I can’t deny the inevitable. As the loudspeakers squawk out announcements of delays in a dozen muffled languages I can’t help but to think about how I got here.
There has to be a better word for it than break-up. We were engaged for the better part of a year, sharing a bed for five, dating for seven. A break-up sounds like a cracked plate, a minor inconvenience, something that you shrug off and carry on with your life. What happened between Julia and me was a multi-ton hydrogen bomb.
She said I never introduce her to work friends. So I did. I introduced her to the IT guy who I would occasionally grab beers with after work. She got to know him more intimately than I ever did. Much more intimately.
Suddenly, the person who was my one constant over the past seven years was telling me we could still be friends. Suddenly, the comfortable pad in the center that was affordable from two paychecks was replaced by a five person flat share in the housing projects. Suddenly, I couldn’t show my face in the office anymore.
He set up the remote-work software on my laptop. It took fifteen minutes but that moment dragged on for eternity. He mumbled an apology. My hand tightened into a fist, the uncapped pen on my desk gleamed with sharpness but I remained impotent. He regularly went to the gym. I didn’t.
When he finished the set-up he offered me his hand and without thinking I shook it. I even mumbled a “Thank you.”
I wanted to rip off my tongue and throw it out for the birds to devour.
Working from home was impossible. Not only was I in the midst of a personal cataclysm, but my four roommates had social lives so loud and amorous that they seeped through the paper-thin walls every second of the day. Whenever they brought someone home there was no escape from the echoes of lovemaking. I knew that back in my old apartment, in that cozy flat in the center, Julia was screaming the IT guy’s name. I had been with her for long enough to be able to imagine it all so vividly.
I needed to get out of that house.
‘Bohemia Bakery croissants, that’s a good treat right there, brother.’ The voice, followed by a familiar smell of distillates and festering bandages, drags me back into the present moment. Outside, the congregation of pigeons is slowly growing. In front of me, a Prague train station vagrant. ‘Got a lot of those croissants there, brother. Mind helping a hungry fella out?’
He looks like he’s been through a war-zone, his tattered rags the uniform of an army that loses in perpetuity. Beyond the Plexiglas the pigeons stare. I give the homeless man one of the croissants. I do this partially out of human kindness, but mainly in hopes that the pigeons see that I am not a monster, that the pigeons take pity on me.
The sea of beady eyes doesn’t flinch. They don’t care.
‘God bless, brother, God bless,’ the vagrant says as he starts to walk away. He stops. After considering the crowd of pigeons he turns back to me. ‘A lot of pigeons, eh? God bless, brother.’
He sets off towards the doors and I know I should follow him. I know it’s time for me to pay the price for my sins. I know there is no other way to get rid of the birds. But my legs are frozen.
When the homeless man is a couple of steps away from me a dark thought enters my mind. Maybe I can trick the pigeons into taking their revenge on someone else. They’re pigeons, how smart can they be? I open my mouth to yell out to him –
I want to give him another croissant. I want to suggest he take both the bags of offerings. I want to make him the target of the avian hatred.
But before I can vocalize my offer the plan falls apart.
The vagrant walks past the automatic doors into the park outside. The pigeons pay him no mind; he is completely invisible to them. They’re here for me and they’re getting impatient.
As the automatic doors grind to a close three pigeons fly into the station. I reach into my Bohemia Bakery bag and start turning croissants into crumbs between my fingers. The birds are getting restless.
Walking into the Bohemia Bakery on Michalská Street and setting up my laptop for a day of excel scrolling was a completely arbitrary decision. There’s hundreds of corporate owned coffee shops in Prague that have stable wi-fi and inoffensive Spotify playlists for ambience. I ended up there completely by accident. Yet as soon as I got settled I knew I wouldn’t be leaving any time soon.
Bohemia Bakery had all the makings of a coffee shop office. The refreshments were cheap enough to be drunk without a second thought, the neighborhood was safe enough to quell any fears about my laptop being stolen and the majority of the customers were locals. I have no qualms with tourists or immigrants, but American clientele does have a tendency to turn their private conversations into public three act plays. The chatter in the coffee shop was limited to complaint-filled grumbles, as is Czech custom.
The good work environment that Bohemia Bakery provided, however, was completely irrelevant to why I kept on coming there day after day. From the moment I saw her my visits to Bohemia Bakery ceased to be work related. I kept on coming back for Bára.
I was in a dark place. Every other morning I woke up to messages that I had sent to Julia in the middle of the night and forgotten about.
“I’m scared I’ll forget the smell of you.”
“You’re a scab I can’t stop picking.”
“Remember when we made love in the mountains?”
The response was always the same:
“Jesus, Mark, stop sending me these weird messages.”
The texts were desperate attempts to change her mind about moving on. Somewhere, in the depths of my soul, I was still sixteen and believed that one poetic message could turn back the clock on years of a stagnant relationship. I was sick with heartbreak, there was no one out who could make me happy like Julia did. The moment I saw Bára I knew that was a lie.
She made the question “Cash or card?” sound like a line of sensuous poetry pried from the throats of love-struck bards. When she prepared orders she didn’t move like a twenty-year-old barista, she floated behind her counter like a goddess examining the offerings that were being burnt in her temple. That unflattering gray and gold uniform that Bohemia Bakery would force on their employees to wear looked downright erotic on her. God forbid when the milquetoast music the coffee shop had turned to something with an actual beat. If there weren’t any customers Bára would quietly dance.
I tried not to stare. I wasn’t very good at that.
She didn’t mind. The moment when she winked at me I knew I was in love.
I stayed in the coffee shop for much longer than my job demanded. When I was around her all thoughts of Julia seemed absurd. Bára kept on smiling and winking and occasionally she would stick out her pierced tongue at me. After a week of nervously sneaking peeks at the coffee shop Venus I asked her out. After her shift was over we went to sit down in a nearby park.
There are so many parts of that night that have made themselves permanent in my memory; the way her hand slipped into mine before we even reached the park, the smell of cherry blossom and bubble gum that stemmed from her neck, the way her piercing clinked against my nervous teeth, the way she looked up at me when we made love. But none of the memories are as permanent in my head as the words she said when she threw out crumbs of stale croissants to the pigeons that gathered around us in the park.
“Ever looked a pigeon in the eyes? They’re angry creatures. And they talk. Always better to stay on their good side.”
Even as those tiny beaks pick at the droplets of dough scattered through the dirty tiles of the train station the pigeons keep their beady eyes locked on me.
There are more than a few of them now. The out-of-towners who come to Prague for work from the countryside are keeping the automatic doors opened wide. For each person that leaves the train station a pigeon sneaks its way in. The people might be leaving for different jobs but the aim of the birds is singular. Their aim is revenge.
An Uber Eats driver waiting for his next order plays a beautiful melody on one of the pianos that the city council has strewn across the city. He stops as I walk by him. The procession of pigeons behind me is impossible to ignore.
People keep on looking at me. I’m sweating. I know what’s coming. I know that there’s only so long that the pigeons are willing to wait for justice. I know how this all ends.
But still, there’s a part of me that wants to ignore the reality of my situation. Out of habit I take out my phone and text Julia.
“There’s a group of pigeons chasing me through the train station. They mean me harm. Help!”
Her living situation could have been better. Bára shared her two bedroom flat with three other girls from her hometown. On most nights the only thing that kept our lovemaking sessions out of Bára’s roommate’s eye-line was the sheet we draped from the bookshelf.
She moved out from the countryside with her three bestest friend to go live the crazy, cosmopolitan life out in the capital. I don’t think Bára’s roommate felt very cosmopolitan on the nights I stayed over.
There were also the pigeons. The mattress that Bára slept on was propped up against the window to the balcony and every morning I would wake up to the cooing of sky-rats. They usually managed to catch me about fifteen minutes before my alarm clock went off, and they were a gentler welcome to the waking world than the blaring of midi tones off my phone, but the constant cooing definitely made the Sunday morning cuddles less romantic.
Pigeons and roomates aside, the first couple months of our relationship went smoothly. All thoughts of Julia floated away. I felt no need to send her weird texts or obsess over whether she was still thinking about me. I was just enjoying my Bohemian Bakery beauty.
An old classmate of Bára’s came to visit. She knew all about me, Bára had spent the past couple of weeks preparing this girl to meet her “Super cool boyfriend” and whilst meeting a person who knew more about me than I knew about them would have intimidated me back when I was dating Julia, I didn’t mind by then. I had grown into my role. I didn’t know what made me cool or even what made Bára like me so much, but after months of living in my new, lucky reality I stopped questioning it.
Bára stole a couple of bottles of wine from the bakery and invited me over to get drunk with the rest of the apartment. I had the most minor of moral qualms about Bára’s theft, but after a couple of glasses my dislike of stealing became a purely hypothetical topic rather than an actual source of bother. I listened to the four girls drunkenly tell stories from the countryside.
‘Holy shit,’ Bára’s visiting friend said after the fourth bottle of wine had been drained, ‘We’re the only ones from our graduating class who don’t have any kids yet.’
I laughed. Hard. I was etching towards my early thirties and the thought of producing offspring seemed like something that wouldn’t happen for a long, long time. The idea that somewhere out in the countryside people were getting married at twenty seemed absurd to me.
As I laughed Bára kept her glass pressed to her lips. She drained it, poured another and topped me off in the process. We drank more. The other roommates went out clubbing. I was left alone with Bára and her visiting friend. We drank more. The three of us got drunk enough to lay down on the mattress.
One moment I was splashing water on my face trying to sober up and the next I tasted a kiss drenched in menthol cigarettes and red wine. The tongue that was caressing mine felt different. There was no piercing.
I opened up my eyes in terror realizing that I was not kissing my girlfriend. Bára’s friend looked up at me sheepishly. A familiar hand ran down my back.
‘It’s okay honey, it’s not like we’re married yet, we can share.’
I woke up with a horrible hangover the next day, it felt like my eyes were about to pop out of my skull and take everything I had ever eaten in the past 24 hours along with them, but the two naked bodies next to me assured me that my pain was temporary.
Overall, my life was good. With the help of the gentle cooing from the balcony I went back to sleep.
Then things changed.
We were sitting on the tram riding out to the farmer’s market to grab something to eat. There was a lull in the conversation, the type of lull where you throw out a random observation or a Facebook article headline in hopes of having something to talk about. She mentioned it as if it was the most casual thing in the world, as if it wasn’t a matter of any importance at all.
‘Missed my period three days ago.’
I think the lady at the ticket office is calling animal control. There’s a good thirty pigeons behind me now.
I have been mobbed by them before. Back in the early days, before I knew they were after me, they’d chase me while I was going out for groceries, or out drinking. There would always be a confused driver or a subway to help me escape. I have never tried to face the pigeons.
I start making my way towards the doors. This charade has been going on for long enough. I try to trick myself into believing that the pigeons will go easy on me, that they won’t really hurt me.
Yet as I walk towards the automatic doors one of the birds jumps up and pecks at my jeans.
Those beaks are sharp. Sharp enough to give me second thoughts. Sharp enough to make me think that maybe the solution to my qualm with the pigeons is to pack up and move.
I try to think of a country without pigeons, I can’t, but I presume there is one. There has to be one.
Deciding to move my life instead of paying for what I’ve done, I start making my way down into the subway. They follow.
But that’s fine. I convince myself that’s fine. As soon as the subway is about to arrive I can just break into a sprint and hop on. No way all thirty of them can follow me. Worst case scenario I’ll be locked up in a metal tube with two or three angry pigeons. I could take those on if needed.
I have killed pigeons before. Well, theoretically at least.
We didn’t talk about it. Well, we did, but not really.
‘Missed my period three days ago.’
‘Oh shit.’
‘Oh, don’t worry.’
‘You sure?’
Then we moved on to talking about something else. For the whole day there was no discussion of Bára’s potential pregnancy, but from the moment that she mentioned it a cold sweat broke over me. Somewhere in the back of my head I started to imagine her as a lifelong partner.
I didn’t like what I saw.
What I once thought of as a face of perfection was now just a disparate collection of sharp facial features with crooked teeth. Her voice, her laugh, it all droned in my ears in a horrible, annoying way.
I tried to remind myself not to be shallow, not to judge the woman who I had been dating for nearly half a year based on her looks. That made the situation significantly worse.
As we were walking around the farmer’s market Bára started eating a sandwich. I knew that she didn’t buy it. I knew that she didn’t bring one. I knew she stole it.
Bára liked to steal shit. I didn’t mind her swiping stuff from the bakery, didn’t have empathy to spare for corporate owned franchises, but Bára stealing stuff from old folks got under my skin.
‘Hey, where did you get that sandwich?’
‘Found it on the floor. Ha-ha!’
She gave me a smile and a wink. I started to miss Julia again.
By the time we got back home the feverish dislike that I was starting to develop for Bára had turned physical. My head throbbed with some horrible strain of the flu that had crept into my system. I considered going home, but Bára assured me that the wave of fatigue I was feeling was just sleep deprivation. All I needed to do was take a nap and I’d be right as rain. I was too tired to argue.
By late afternoon I was fading in and out of consciousness on Bára’s mattress as she piled more and more blankets on top of me.
‘Ah, c’mon, just sweat it out babe. Quit complaining, you’re a real man, aren’t you?’
Her voice cut through my migraine like the stolen cutlery she had in her kitchen. What made the sickness induced delirium so much worse were the pigeons on the balcony. They just kept on cooing. Even as I drifted off into frenzied fever dreams I could sense their dirty, feathered bodies rustling behind the paper-thin walls.
‘What if I actually am pregnant?’ I heard a voice ask out of the darkness. I was far too deep in the sweaty, lethargic limbo to identify the source but through context clues I figured out who was asking. I pretended to be asleep.
‘What if I actually am pregnant?’ Bára asked, again, this time prodding me with her frigid foot.
I let loose a torrent of mucus filled coughs, hoping to dissuade her from trying to talk to me. It didn’t work. Her cold toes ran across my burning abdomen.
‘Mark, what if I actually am pregnant?’ She asked, sweetly.
‘Can we talk about this tomorrow?’ I groaned.
‘Sure,’ she hissed with the intensity of a silenced pistol.
Bára’s roommate was snoring, the pigeons outside were cooing and just as I started to get used to the jarring soundscape of the bedroom Bára started to sob next to me.
I pretended to be asleep, and eventually, I was.
I make my way down the stairs to the subway platform with dreams of escape glowing in my heart.
I could grow a shitty beard and live in some cabin in the woods, or lounge around on some exotic beach, or I could be freezing my ass of in the arctic. The only important thing is getting on that subway and riding off to somewhere where there are no flying rats that demand vengeance.
The screeching of metal. Below me, the subway has just arrived. I hold on tight to the railing and start jumping down the stairs two at a time. I’m praying that the doors of the train will stay open long enough for me to make my escape.
Some of the birds stop hopping down the stairs and ascend into flight. The feathers of the pigeons fit right into the metallic gray of the subway station in the worst possible way.
There’s a new mom who doesn’t quite know how to handle a stroller stalling the doors to the subway. I still have a chance, I can still run in and make my escape – but just as I am descending the last three steps towards the platform one of those beady eyed vermin dives straight at me.
I lift my hand off the rail to shoo the pigeon away, shifting my balance. Suddenly, I’m falling. Suddenly, my head crashes against the concrete. Suddenly, I’m back on my feet, running towards the subway, screaming past the burning pain that has materialized in my ankle.
I slam into the closed doors. Everyone on the train stares at me and my bizarre pursuers in horror. Except for the baby. The baby points and giggles and laughs from its carriage as the train slowly rumbles into life and disappears in the dark tunnel.
The next train is coming in eight minutes.
I’m at the edge of the platform and there’s a good fifty pigeons staring at me.
‘Jesus, you’re still here?’
I woke up to the sound of Bára’s roommate angrily stomping around the bedroom. My fever was gone, but somehow it had managed to carry me into the late afternoon.
‘It smells like a frigging sex dungeon here dude. Least you could have done was pop open a window.’ She towers over me, eyes filled with disgust, as she cracks open the balcony windows. ‘And you should definitely talk to Bára. It’s none of my business but when she left to work today she was… Gross! Eeew!’
‘Gross?’ I sat up on the mattress. The roommate didn’t look at me, she just kept on staring out of the window. ‘Bára was… gross?’
‘No, you idiot. Look outside. No wonder those birds have been waking us up every morning. There’s a goddamn nest on the balcony.’
As soon as the moist covers slid off me the dizzying stench of sweat overpowered any amount of fresh air coming in from the window. Bára’s roommate jumped back in disgust and with a barrage of comments about how disgusting I am, she left.
Among the discarded plastic bags and cigarette butts there was a roughly picked home of straw. In it there were three little eggs that looked like dirty oversized tic-tacs.
Bára’s roommate pressed a broom into my hand.
‘Go where?’
‘Go push that shit off the roof. They carry diseases, you know.’
‘Why me?’
‘Why you? Because you’re a frigging man, act like it.’
Memories of the IT guy setting up my remote working software crawled through the back of my head. I grabbed the broom and went out to the balcony, intent on proving my masculinity. All I had to do was just push the nest off into the street below and Bára’s roommate would get off my back.
Yet as soon as I got outside on the terrace I realized I wasn’t alone. On the neighbor’s windowsill, just a meter or two away from the nest, was a pigeon. The bird’s feathers were fuller than any other pigeon that I had ever seen, it’s eyes shone in a blood red, hateful glow. This was no ordinary pigeon.
And it was watching me.
I moved up the broom to the edge of the nest, but my arms froze. Something about that animal’s blank expression was telling me that I was about to take a step into a world from which I could not return, something was telling me that I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. An ancient, Hammurabi-era truth loomed behind those red orbs.
An eye for an eye,
A tooth for a tooth,
You harm my young and we will harm yours,
The front door opened. I could hear Bára’s tired voice.
‘Is my man still here?’
‘Yeah, your middle management looking dude is out on the balcony, trying to work up the balls to get rid of a pigeon nest,’ I heard her roommate say.
The passive aggressive insult didn’t even register with me. I was lost in the showdown with the pigeon. Those eyes meant business, and that beak looked sharp enough to break the skin.
I could pick up the nest and take it outside, I could put it in a tree, I could google how to deal with this situation, there were so many things that I could have done but, before I knew it, there was a pair of cold hands wrapped around the broom. Bára pressed her body against mine and before I knew it the broom did its job.
The pigeon’s eyes went wide. Like a paper airplane covered in gravel the nest tumbled down into the street with the gentlest crunch. Within seconds it went from being a bastion of blossoming life to being some leash-less dog’s dinner.
‘Come inside. We need to talk.’ No kiss. She was angry.
The pigeon’s eyes were still locked on the crushed eggs running over the pavement. A wave of self-loathing washed through my chest. It was time for an apology.
I cleared my throat. The pigeon’s eyes quickly darted back to me. That wide-eyed expression of shock quickly faded away. The balls of red that dwelled in the creature’s skull turned into focused, hate-filled dots.
“Look, I’m so-“
The bird launched at my tongue.
My avian predicament catches the attention of a group of Chinese tourists gathered on the other side of the platform. For a split second the shuttering of cameras rises above the cooing, but as the pigeons get closer the clicks and flashes became imperceptible static.
The pigeons have me cornered. I’ve started throwing the croissants from Bohemia Bakery at them wholesale, but for every pigeon I distract there are five more that are thirsty for blood. They’re thirsty for revenge.
The birds hate me for what I have done.
With my back up against a map of the Prague subway system I look up at the ‘Next arrival’ board. The red numbers glare: five minutes thirty-six seconds and counting.
I fire off another text to Julia:
The birds will punish me for what I have done.”
I look out into the sea of gray and see a familiar set of red dots. The bird who’s children I killed leads the march.
I don’t have five minutes. I don’t even have thirty-six seconds.
Wings flutter, the birds take flight. With closed eyes I pray that my punishment will be swift.
It isn’t.
My skin burns with blood as the razor beaks bite into me. My hands barely cover my eyes as the pigeons try to claw at my face. They drag at my hair, they tear at my clothes, they peck at my jeans.
My agony reaches incomprehensible heights. With each bite of flesh they take, however, a sliver of my consciousness fades away. Before the pigeons get to the worst part of their punishment, I black out.
We sat in her kitchen; me, pressing a packet of frozen peas to my tongue and her, nursing a cigarette lit off the stove. Smoke drifted from her nostrils as if she was a passive-aggressive dragon.
‘Thanku, don’t kno wha got into that brd.’ My numb, bleeding tongue didn’t get my point across very eloquently but Bára understood what I meant. Those hazel eyes burrowed into me, watching every twitch in my face.
‘Not pregnant,’ she finally said, ‘Had my period this morning.’
‘Tha’s grea!’ I yelled, sending a trickle of iron into my mouth. I grinned. That was the first good news I heard all day.
She wasn’t smiling.
‘What if I actually was pregnant?’ She took a drag and looked away from me. Whatever nuanced reaction my face made wasn’t to her liking.
The conversation dragged on into eternity and at each turn I said the wrong things. Even if my mouth wasn’t slowly filling up with blood, even if my tongue didn’t have a beak-imposed lisp, I don’t think I could have salvaged that relationship.
I didn’t notice the bird at first, but as soon as I became aware of him it was impossible to fully focus on what Bára was saying. Right behind her, with my blood on his beak, was my red-eyed enemy. Soon friends joined him. The longer Bara and me spoke, the bigger our audience got.
Those beady eyes burnt with hatred.
I left the apartment, newly single, with blood in my mouth and a toothbrush in my pocket, and started making my way towards the bus station. I was about to fire off a text to Julia to let her know I was still in love with her but before I could unblock her number-
Something small and sharp snapped at my scalp. The flock of enraged pigeons descended me from the windowsills of the Soviet-era housing projects. If there wasn’t a subway station nearby I probably would have lost an eye.
At first I had hoped that the assault from the pigeons was simply a rare occurrence of an angry parent, yet they followed me everywhere. For months I lived my life in fear, desperately hoping that they would tire of chasing me, but it became clear that the birds would not leave me alone.
They wouldn’t leave me alone until I paid the price.
I keep staring out of the window. This makes the doctor visibly uncomfortable. He tells me about how my body was rushed into surgery, about how there is a good chance I have contracted a fair amount of diseases, about all of the permanent damage that the pigeons had inflicted on me, but I just keep looking out of the window.
I had an educated guess on the extent of the pigeon’s revenge.
An eye for an eye,
A tooth for a tooth,
You harm my young and I will harm yours,
The doctor eventually gives up on trying to elicit a reaction out of me and leaves me alone in my room. And I am alone. The windowsill is empty. The pigeons have had their revenge.
I breathe out a sigh of pained relief.
I get a text from someone who makes my heart flutter.
I look back at the conversation.
ME – 5:16AM: “There’s a group of pigeons chasing me through the main train station. They mean me harm. Help!”
ME – 5:24AM: “The Birds will punish me for what I have done.”
JULIA – 7:02PM: “What???”
In the stillness of the hospital room I type out my reply, my explanation. As soon as my scarred thumbs punch the words into reality a weight is lifted off my chest. A chapter of my life has ended. I am free now.
ME – 7:02PM: “It’s okay. The pigeons have punished me for my misdeeds. I am scarred and will never be able to have children, but I am a free man. I love you.”
JULIA – 7:03PM: “Jesus Mark, stop sending me these messages.”
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This job is a full-time remote position. When COVID/travel allows, visits to the main office in Lodz are required, perhaps max 4 (ish) times per year as needed. This is all very flexible.
A full relocation package is always available if you want to move to Łódź, we’d love to have you. Really. It's great.
We (used to) travel a lot. We've been to a bunch of places around the world. We still like it most here in Łódź. Everything's developing, people are friendly, more and more cool stuff pops up every single year.
The team at SUPERHOT HQ is roughly 35-ish people strong right now. It's a happy collection of driven individuals with hobbies ranging from mixed martial arts and hugging people, through card games, music, arts, and startups. We also have remote friends in the UK, Australia, Netherlands and Philippines. We work a bit, play a bit and keep the team healthy and happy to build great games.
Learn more about and apply to this role at
--- If you know someone that might be a good fit for this role or simply wish to signal boost the developer and their game, please show some love to this post on Twitter.
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2020.09.22 15:03 OH-PA-WV Future of the Pirates in Pittsburgh

For the past few years now I've worried about what the future means for the Pirates, and for baseball in Pittsburgh. The Pirates franchise is obviously one of the most stored in baseball history. But it is obviously one of the downtrodden, unlucky and downright painful franchises in all of sports in recent memory.
Blame for this can be passed around to Bob Nutting, Kevin McClatchy, Cam Bonifay, Dave Littlefield, Neal Huntington, Frank Coonelly, Chris Archer, Gregory Polanco, Ryan Doumit, Chris Duffy and Potato Pete. But the real problem, no doubt, is the economics of baseball. And, the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.
With fans not having much incentive to cheer for such a lowly franchise, Allegheny County being one of the oldest counties in the country, Pittsburgh being the smallest-population city in MLB and Western Pennsylvania not exactly becoming a booming metropolis, I am very concerned about the future of the Pirates as we know it.
If the team's lease on PNC Park is up in 2030, will the MLB Pirates remain or go to greener pastures? The population of Pittsburgh will undoubtedly drop below 300,000 by then (probably will at this census anyway). Believe it or not, Pittsburgh today is more of a AAA city. Big corporate sponsors are lacking around PNC Park too. That hurts revenue, affects the bottom line and directly influences payroll (more than Nutting's "cheapness"). I'd venture to guess that that Cincinnati has triple the corporate sponsorship that the Pirates do in a similar-sized market. It helps the Reds that their only in-city competition is the Bengals and to a lesser extent the newer MLS team. It's got to be hard for the Pirates to fight for that big business money with two world class franchises like the Steelers and Penguins also needing it. If you're a big-time sponsor, too, would you rather advertise and partner with the Steelers/Penguins or the Pirates?
Long story short, Pittsburgh is too small to carry three major-sport teams and it pains me to realize that.
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अब आप बन सकते है मेरे Franchise Partner  Dr Vivek Bindra Franchise Partners - YouTube Understanding the Franchise Agreement Part 1.wmv Franchise-Partner Beratung und Bindung -- Systemaufbau (Teil 8/10) What's it like to be a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partner? Interview mit erfahrenen ISOTEC-Franchise-Partnern Franchise Partner registration process. - YouTube Join the Family: Become a Culver's Franchisee

Independent Franchise Partners

  1. अब आप बन सकते है मेरे Franchise Partner Dr Vivek Bindra
  2. Franchise Partners - YouTube
  3. Understanding the Franchise Agreement Part 1.wmv
  4. Franchise-Partner Beratung und Bindung -- Systemaufbau (Teil 8/10)
  5. What's it like to be a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partner?
  6. Interview mit erfahrenen ISOTEC-Franchise-Partnern
  7. Franchise Partner registration process. - YouTube
  8. Join the Family: Become a Culver's Franchisee
  9. Franchise City - YouTube

Für Franchise-Geber ist die Bindung der Franchise-Partner an ihr System und den gemeinsamen Markenauftritt von großer Bedeutung. Unternehmerische Beratung und weitere unterstützende Leistungen ... In This Video Dr. Vivek Bindra is welcoming you to come and be our franchise and build a powerful business model. To Become Our Franchise Click on This Link ... It takes a certain kind of person to own and operate a Culver's restaurant as a franchise partner. Co-founder Craig Culver shares his thoughts on leadership, commitment to quality and being part ... Ein Franchise-Partner von ISOTEC bekommt ein in über 20 Jahren ausgereiftes, mehrfach prämiertes und sehr ertragreiches Geschäftskonzept an die Hand. Als selbständiger Unternehmer nutzt er die ... Honest franchise reviews, interviews, franchise & business ideas, tips and new opportunities. Hosted by Robert Edwards, entrepreneur, investor, franchising e... Want to hear what it's like to be your own boss by owning a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? business? 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partners tell you all about it. To enroll as a franchise partner with Science Beyond Science client should complete the registration process. Its a video demonstration for computer / laptop... You Can Also Become My Partner Direct WhatsApp: You Can Also Become My Partner For the registration and Tele verification Visit: ht... Understanding the Franchise Agreement with Matthew J. Kreutzer, Franchise Partner with Armstrong Teasdale, LLP.