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Everything you need to know about shipping and tracking your bracelets

2017.06.13 10:33 AriTheBlari Everything you need to know about shipping and tracking your bracelets

I see a lot of questions regarding the shipping of bracelets. Many questions are the same, so I thought I might help you out by writing up everything I know about it.
First and foremost; people need to chill. I know everyone is eager to get them. But it's more than a month left to the festival and Tomorrowland are not paying for the express option when it comes to shipping. If you are curious when the tickets were sent/arrived previous years, here is my history;
Year Preperation Sent Arrived
2017 24 May 8 June 13 June
2016 23 June 28 June 7 July
2015 6 July 6 July 14 July
2014 - - Didn't get them

So, how do I track my package?

What's my "National Postal Service"?

First of, I'm not sure if every local carrier provides you with tracking for this kind of package. But it works for me in Sweden. I'm not sure what every country's postal service is, but use the list below and let me know if it works.
Country Company Website Confirmed
Sweden PostNord YES
United Kingdom Yodel YES
Netherlands PostNL YES
Germany DHL YES
Canada Canada Post YES
Norway Posten YES
Spain Correos YES
Argentina Correo Argentino YES
Ireland An Post
United States United States Postal Service
Belgium Bpost
Finland Posti

When will my package arrive?

Well, that depends on when they send it from Belgium, how far it have to travel and how quick your local carrier works. But keep in mind, this package is not express and it takes time. Also, if you purchased your ticket through the Waiting List or any other sale that are not the official sale. Your package will probably be sent later than the official sale packages. If you look at the bpost tracking, you'll see "Your item has been sorted". That's when bpost actually received the package from Tomorrowland and started shipping it. For me it took around a week from when they sent it, to when it got all the way to me. Keep in mind, I live in Sweden and that's not really that far from Belgium and it's inside of EU, so the customs won't hold it forever. If you live on the other side of the globe, it can definitely take way longer than that.

But X got their package and I live in the same country/so much closer, where is my package?!

Tomorrowland are shipping out maaaaaaany packages, it would be crazy if they all got shipped out at the excact same time, wouldn't it? It's just luck who get's their package shipped first.

When I check bpost tracking I get the "Oops... We were unable to find a shipment with this reference or barcode"?

This means that Tomorrowland haven't registered your shipping label at bpost yet. If you purchased through the waiting list/third party/etc you can probably expect the package to be sent a bit later than most peoples packages. You don't have to panic yet though, as long as there is 1-2 weeks left, there should be enough time. When I did the Global Journey back in 2015, I had the "Oops..."-message until 6 July, and I got the package a week before Tomorrowland started.

When I check bpost tracking I can only see "Confirmation of preparation of the shipment received"?

This means that bpost are waiting for the package from Tomorrowland.

When I check bpost tracking I seems to be stuck at "Departure from office of exchange"?

This is when bpost handles it over to your local shipping company. Se above and try tracking it at your national postal service.

What happens if I never get my package in time?

This is the sucky part. It happened to me back in 2014. You'll have to go to the "Will Call Pickup Desk", show them your ID and ticket confirmation and they'll give you your bracelet. Sadly you might not get the cool case/accessories and you might have to stand in the scorching sun for hours.
Let me know if I missed something or if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them.
-- Bonus clip;
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2015.01.19 14:27 solbadguy0308 How to pre-order is a bad idea (or how today I don't have the game nor the money thanks to

I pre-ordered (dumb me) Guilty Gear Xrd LImited for PS3 in 15th November 2014.
The game was delayed until 23rd December 2014 (first date provided was 16th December) and until I send an email requesting my copy, they sended in 28th December.
So, I see the tracking number and the item goes nice until leaves Germany (7th January 2015) and doesn't appear in the Spanish Postal Service.
So, I begin to send a group of emails to and they start circlejerking and now I've expired the period on Paypal for claiming my money, so I'm fucked up.
The evidences:
-The tracking number
-The tracking websites (DHL and Correos)
The order (with the sensible data censored)
DHL screenshot
Correos screenshot
The circlejerking email chain
So what I learnt:
1-Not to buy again in VGP.
2-Not to pre-order again nothing.
I don't know if anybody here have bought anything in VGP, one friend told me the store was reliable but I didn't feel any happy, so if anybody has a solution that will be great, if not, thanks for reading.
UPDATE: Package finally arrived but I lost a character DLC ($7,99) because I need the game to download it.
Finally in my hands
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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